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Monk Fruit - (luo han guo) Used for thousands of years medicinally and as a food additive. It boosts immunity and reduces histamine to elminates allergies. Due to it being sweeter than sugar (300x) with no calorie, insulin response, or bitter aftertaste, it can be used in weight loss successfully. 



Yacan - made from chicory, it is the highest prebiotics to fuel probiotics. Boosts metabolism and controls appetite. It does not have an effect on blood sugars and thus minimal insulin effect, therefore aids fat burning. It has a slightly caramel taste similar to molasses.


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Monk Fruit Sweetener
100% Natural Sugar Substitute,
Classic White,
235 Grams (8.29 Oz)
Yacon Syrup Sweetener
100% Natural Sugar Substitute 
8 Oz
100% Natural Sugar Substitute
Non GMO 
1 lb
100% Natural Sugar Substitute,
Classic White,
Bitterness removed
1 lb

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