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More information about free nutrition assessment

Free Nutrition Assessment

Want to burn fat? Want to balance your hormones? Increase your energy? Lose weight off your body -especially your belly, hips, butt and thighs?

What Vicki's Eating Plans

Can do for you.

  • Lose body fat and lose weight 

  • Improve your self esteem and feel good about yourself

  • Build muscle and tone your body

  • Increase energy levels 

  • Balance cravings and hunger

  • Balance female and male hormones 

  • Feel vibrantly healthy

  • Spring out of bed from refreshed, good quality sleep

  • Balance thyroid hormones and stimulate metabolism

  • Improve mood - be happier and calmer with a new lease on life; reduce or eliminate medications

  • Normalize blood pressure and cholesterol - reduce or eliminate medications

  • Reduce pain 

  • Manage Diabetes with ease

  • Eliminate constipation, gas, gut cramps and candida

  • Eliminate headaches

  • Feel fitter and stronger

  • Optimize athletic performance

  • Stress management

  • Address allergies and food intolerance's

  • Give you a lifestyle you can maintain long term


“Vicki is a very caring and knowledgeable nutritionist. She figures out the root of issues that you are having and helps you to treat them holistically with food. She is incredibly invested in your success. It has been wonderful to work with her through my journey of getting healthier.”- Chelsea T

Vickis eating plans can help you feel your best
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Book a free consultation

Free Consultation.

No Obligation.

Vicki's Nutrition and Weight Loss Eating Plans are not just weight loss eating plans but wellness and peak performance programs that optimizes your body for holistic health. Vicki will discuss your needs and goals, what is involved in your personalised Eating plan, and how it will work for you.


You will find out how your hormones control your weight and HOW Vicki's Personalized Eating Plans will strip fat, tone, and balance your body to get you back on track and headed toward the body and life you deserve. 


Start on one of Vicki's Nutrition and Weight Loss Eating Plans TODAY!




During your FREE Nutrition Assessment, Vicki will provide you with a password to access the PROGRAM MENU and PRICING that will be used during your consultation. These resources will visually help to explain what Vicki will be discussing and how your hormones are vital in the journey towards the body you want. 

hormones explained
Hormones Explained

Access the visual aids Vicki will use to show you how hormones play a crucial role in your fat loss, health and wellness. You can harness the power of these hormones easily through Vicki's Nutrition and Weight loss plans.

stress management
Stress Management

Stress can cause all kinds of problems with not only the physical aspects to the body, but also the mind. See the consequences of too many demands on the body. You will be amazed!

Program menu
Program Menu

USA prices of programs will be discussed in the Assessment Consultation along with payment options. Page Password is given during assessment.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - Wayne Gretzky

Take the first step on your journey with Vicki

If you'd like to address any questions before making a decision to become a patient, Vicki is more than happy to answer them to determine if her services are the right fit for you.

Thanks! Message sent.

Free Nutrition Assessment

This FREE consultation is 30 mins and will run through the following;

  • Find out more about what Vicki offer's and conduct a nutrition assessment for a baseline.

  • Explanation of why and how your body is responding as it is and the hormonal interplay.

  • How we will address these sub-optimal issues.

  • How Vicki's customized, handcrafted eating plans work and what is involved.

  • Run through program structure and pricing.

  • This appointment is completely FREE and at no obligation.


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