Tips to Balance Stress hormones & Lose Belly Fat


The stress hormone, cortisol has an ultimate connection to weight loss and slowing down the aging process.


When the stress hormone cortisol goes up, all the key anti-aging hormones go down. The long term consequences of out-of-control cortisol levels include chronic high blood pressure, memory changes, depression, insomnia, “diabesity,” and of course abdominal fat.


Abdominal fat has four times the amount of cortisol receptors than any other fat cells and so is a telltale sign of cortisol imbalances that your body can’t hide.


Maintaining cortisol levels in a balance that is not too high and not too low is truly a lifetime balancing act. When cortisol is in check, it gives you that get up and go and provides you with an energetic surge in emergency situations whether you are emotionally upset or physically challenged.


It is always a good idea to get your salivary cortisol levels down to determine what treatment protocols your body specifically needs. There is a certain protocol involved here to get accurate results. Blood tests wont do, as they do not show the free hormone. Only the bound hormone, which is irrelevant. An adrenal formula specific to your results and needs may be in order for optimal results. However, my eating plan will supremely aid in this balancing act. 


How to balance cortisol levels

  1. Take MORE Salt:  With most of the population being sodium deficient, taking the right kind of salt (eg. Celtic sea salt) can support adrenal function and balance elevated or depleted cortisol levels.  An option is to gargle and then swallow as the salt is anti-bacterial to your mucus membranes. Sodium relaxes soft tissue and is incredibly important when you are under stress. Keep in balance with plenty of potassium rich veggies and fruits.

  2. Walk away Stress:  Movement with deep breathing is a great way to beat stress.  Get your lymph flowing and dissolve stress effects with brisk walking or jumping on a trampoline.  At least 20 minutes a day of consistent movement and frequent breaks from that computer are a must.

  3. Take Supplements to Relieve Tension:  The very best dietary supplement of all is magnesium which acts like a tranquilizer. There are different types of magnesium so you want to be sure to get the right one with the highest bioavailabilty to target muscle tension and your heart. In addition, increase fish oil to a double dose (of what I prescribe) when under stress and consider Rescue Remedy. It is an excellent, easy stress reliever.


You will always experience different degree's of stress in your life, so it is important to nourish the body, mind and spirit so it doesn't take it's toll on your emotional, mental and physical well being. 


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