Coconut Flour Porridge

2 Tablesp coconut flour

2 Tablesp golden flax meal

3/4 cup water

pinch of salt

1 large egg, beaten

1 Tablesp plant based protein

1 Tablesp coconut milk

Stevia, monk fruit, or xylitol to sweeten


  1. Measure the first four ingredients into a small pot over medium heat and stir. When it begins to simmer, turn it down to medium-low and whisk until it begins to thicken.

  2. Remove the coconut flour porridge from heat and add the beaten egg, a half at a time, while whisking continuously. Place back on the heat and continue to whisk until the porridge thickens.

  3. Remove from the heat and continue to whisk for about 30 seconds before adding the coconut milk and sweetener.

  4. Garnish with your favorite fruit eg. 2 cups berries.

MAKES 1 serve -  2P2F