Electrolytes - which are best?


There are a lot of electrolytes on the market and it can be terribly overwhelming when choosing one that will work for you. 


After much analysis of what is out there, I have managed to collaborate the best for this resource.


Vega Sports Electrolyte Hydrator

Sweetened with Stevia, this all natural electrolyte has 200mg of Calcium, 100mg of Magnesium, 20 ug of Chromium, 100mg of Sodium, 400mg of Potassium as well as a host of other beneficial minerals. 

Take a look or purchase here.


Salt Stick

With no sugar or sweetener, these capsules provide 215mg of Sodium, 63mg Potassium, 22mg Calcium, 11mg Magnesium and 100IU Vitamin D. Find out more or purchase here


Homemade Electrolyte drink

32oz or 1L water

1 orange & 1 cucumber sliced (both with peel)

1 lemon sliced (with peel)

1/4 teasp Himalayan Sea Salt


  1. Combine in glass water bottle, shake and cool in the fridge.

  2. This will serve the purpse of may recreational activities. 

  3. It supplies a wide range of minerals and will replenish those lost during minimal sweat. 


Coconut water


  • Anti-glycation properties (stops damage of proteins from sugar molecules)

  • Kidney protection.

  • Prevents Hyper-glycemia and oxidative stress



Harmless Harvest, Unoco, Liquitera, Vital Juice and Juice Press. Many of these use a process called HPP, which sterilizes the juice with pressure instead of heat. This keeps the vitamins and enzymes in tact. 


Happy training!