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Nutrition & Weight Loss

Become a Happier Healthier You!

Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical ailments and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.


Which Hormone is keeping you fat? It only takes one hormone to stall any weight loss!

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Vicki Witt  Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Coach, Certified LEAP allergy therapist, Reiki Master  BS (Nutr & Food Sci) PG Dip Clin Nutr RNutr
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Vicki Witt  Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Coach, Certified LEAP allergy therapist, Reiki Master  BS (Nutr & Food Sci) PG Dip Clin Nutr RNutr
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About Vicki Witt

One of USA's and Australia's top Nutritionists and weight loss experts, Vicki has frequently been approached by TV, radio and newspapers for interview and comment. Vicki has been featured on Thumbtack as a top Nutritionist for many years in a row.

Find out how your hormones are effecting your weight loss success

Hormonal balance is optimized via your specific prescription of protein's, carbs and fat's every time we eat. This ideal balance takes pressure off the body and adrenal glands and thus harmonizes all systems. You see, we all have different demands effecting our bodies from 3 sources - emotional, mental and physical

Join The Community

Over 1,000+ Success Stories!

Join thousands of other people just like you who are starting their weight loss, or health journeys. As a member of a Vicki Witt program, you will gain access to Vicki and countless resources to keep you on track with your diet and goals.

Have you tried every diet plan, exercise routine, cleanse, or other other program with little to no long term success? 

Was the reason you failed because - the diet was too hard or labor intensive, too restrictive, not sustainable, you didn't see results, you felt terrible with cravings-hunger-low energy, it didn't correct anything or made matter's worse (especially hormones), there was a lack of accountability, it was boring, you were too stressed with no time???? Vicki caters for all of these issues and more with her thorough, holistic support

Vicki see's people just like you - who have failed on a plethora of other diets/plans. Finally succeed with her custom, specifically tailored approach!

Find out your unique food prescription of the perfect balance of protein, carbs, and fats that will work for you and your body chemistry. Feel good about yourself, attract positivity into your life and experience the happiness, joy, and internal bliss you have been searching for.

Vicki's individualized nutrition and weight loss eating plans are comprehensive and results driven to help you change your relationship around food and deliver real transformation and lasting satisfaction. 


Vicki Witt's signature weight loss and wellness program BODYTOPIA - sculpted for you and your uniqueness. 

What The Programs Include

About Vicki's Programs!

Vicki has drawn on over 25 years of clinical and practice experience to developed her precision nutrition eating plans that offer her expertise and custom designed eating plan system to an international audience at the most affordable prices.

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Ongoing Motivation

Health is not about the weight you lose, it's about the life you gain. Once you start your custom eating plan, you will be catapulted into a new world of hormonal balance, motivation and feel amazing!

Email Programs

If you have limited time or on a budget, Vicki's Email Programs can work great to keep with accountability and success so you can acheive your goals!

VIP Resources!

As a VIP member of the Vicki Witt Program, you will gain access to hundreds of exclusive resources to help you stay on track, learn new recipes and much more!


Video Programs

Vicki's Video Programs are going to be perfect for you! They get to the bottom of your weight loss challenges and create an easy, refreshed, and optimal lifestyle. 

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Food Analysis

Vicki will analyze your food diary daily to create solutions based on your uniqueness for best results. This support is a high level of accountability that creates lasting habits.

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Food Designing

You can choose what foods you want to put into the balanced fat burning framework of my custom, handcrafted Nutrition eating plans.

Community Forum

Browse health topics, ask questions, communicate with other members and get to know other people on the same journey all through the VIP community forum!

Helpful eManuals

As a VIP Member you will gain access to Vicki's eManuals that go through cleansing, stress management, hormones, toxins, allergens, water, breathing and more.

One on One Consultations

Vicki will address the reasons why you have been unable to keep weight off in the past, and support you in your goal to achieve long term weight loss with the body you desire. Vicki's goal is to create an easy plan that works with you, your body chemistry, your schedule, lifestyle and can be maintained for the rest of your life.


No two plans are the same as your program will be based on you and your chemistry. Vicki will provide you with the on-going support, knowledge, tools and blueprint to burn fat AND build muscle continuously, which is unheard of on other weight loss plans. 



Years of Experience

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Vicki's Testimonials

What Our Clients Say

"Vicki's programs and appointments are informative and tailored to my specific needs. I've learned a lot and Vicki is always available via email for questions. It was a blast. Thanks so much for all your guidance, expertise and your cheerful attitude.” 


Jacob H

Free Essessments

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Free 30 Minute Assessment

During your FREE Nutrition Assessment, Vicki will discuss how her handcrafted custom eating plans work, what is involved, how you will harness the power of your hormones for maximum fat loss, optimize health and performance, and the best options for you and your budget.

Vicki has many levels and lengths of support to choose from. Vicki will provide you with a password to access the resources that will be used during your consultation. They will visually help to explain what Vicki will be discussing and how your hormones are vital in the journey towards the body you desire. 


Over 25+ years experience in Optimal Nutrition & Weight Loss

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Let's Chat Today

Get in touch with Vicki today and take the first step to real lasting change in your health!

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