How to read Nutrition Panels


To make sense of nutrition panels and convert to portions, follow the steps below.


Ensure these values are per serving size suggested on nutrition panel. 


Protein -

1 protein portion is 7g.

Therefore divide 'g' of protein by 7 to give P portions per serve size.

With the sample provided (left) this would mean: 12g/7g = about 2P portions. No need to be exact. Give or take a few grams is fine. 

NOTE: Only count protein if coming from an animal sources or soy.


Carb -

1 carb portion is 9g.

Subtract fibre from total carbs and then divide this number by 9g to give C portions per serve size. 

Continuing with the example (left): 25g total carb - 4g fibre = 21g Carb. Therefore 21g/9g = about 2C portions. 


Fat -

1 fat portion is 3g.

Therefore divide 'g' of fat by 3g to give fat portions per serve size.

Finally, using the example (left): 6g/3g = 2F.


So you see, in this example, the product is pretty much balanced with 2P, 2C, 2F.





Replacing Flours

In recipes, meal ideas, and snack ideas area's of my site you will see different flours being used. It is important not to just use any flour to replace thes if you don't have the specific one or can not find at the store. Always replace the flour with coconut flour as it is the lowest in carbs and fat. Bob's Redmill do a good one.