Your options for working with Vicki

Here are my best options for you

Option 1

DIY 12 Week Program

This path has a trailhead and a map. If you are a DIYer, self motivated and can follow directions well, then this adventure might be for you. In this 12-week program, I give you a week-by-week guide to help you understand and build your own program. This is also for those who love learning and the details that go along with the ideas of optimum nutrition.

Beware: if you aren't comfortable DIYing due to easily going down other paths that look attractive, but won't get you to your destination, then this might not be the best option for you.

Option 2

Start Up Pack

This path has a map with your trail guide (me) starting you off for the first few steps past the trailhead to start your journey.


If you are self-motivated and a quick learner, this pathway could work for you. You will receive the eating plan structure that is right for you and your body, but if you require more support, then take a look at the 8 week Fresh Start program.

Option 3

8 Week Fresh Start Program

 Imagine a trail guide starting you out on the right path. They guide you on best practices based on your specific ability and then walk with you for a few miles. They build your confidence up enough that you know once they head back you are able to continue on and get to your destination with ease. If you're motivated, don't need emotional support, and ready to take control with a little direction to sculpt a program that works specifically with your unique body chemistry, then this program is for you

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