When putting together these snacks, remember to use one or two portions from each of the sections. That is, one/two portions from the Protein section, one/two portions from the Carb section and one/two portions from the Fat section. 


Refer to your meal breakdown in your manual that you and Vicki designed together to fit your lifestyle as to whether you need a 1 or 2 balanced portion snack and when to have it. In addition, if you more ideas you and Vicki can design these together. 


Simply double the 1 portion snacks below if you are on 2 portions for a snack. This can be quite common for an afternoon snack. 




CARB: 1 Peach or 1/2 Apple

FAT: 4 nuts (cashews, Brazils, almonds)


PROTEIN: 1.5 oz sliced turkey breast

CARB: 2 tomatoes - cut into crackers

FAT: 1 tsp pesto


PROTEIN: 45g/1.5 oz sliced ham

CARB:1/4 cup hummus & 1 cup veg sticks

FAT:included in hummus


PROTEIN: 45g/1.5 oz smoked salmon

CARB: 1 cucumber - cut into crackers

FAT: 2 tsp lite cream cheese

FREE: Capers, lemon wedge


PROTEIN: 1 sausage 

CARB: 2 tomatoes - sliced

FAT: included in sausage



PROTEIN: 30g/1 oz tuna

CARB: 1/4 cup black beans

FAT: 1/2 Tablesp guacamole


PROTEIN: 30g/1.5 oz smoked salmon slices or tuna with a touch of mayonnaise 

CARB: Rice-less sushi using nori, cucumber, sprouts

FAT: 1/8 avocado





PROTEIN: 1 oz/30g tempeh

CARB: 1.5 cups cooked cabbage/beans

FAT: 1 teasp satay sauce

PROTEIN: 1 Tablesp plant based protein in water with cinnamon

CARB: 1/2 apple - cut into rounds

FAT:4 nuts (cashews, Brazils, almonds)

PROTEIN: 1 Tablesp plant based protein in yogurt

CARB: 1 cup berries

FAT:1 Tablesp coconut yogurt


PROTEIN: 30g/1 oz silken Tofu (mashed)

CARB:1/2 cup pineapple or 1 cup berries

FAT:1 Tablesp coconut cream or coconut kefir

FREE: cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla



PROTEIN: SILK 'simply plain' soy yogurt

CARB: included in above

FAT: included in above

PROTEIN: 1 boiled egg

CARB: 1/4 cup kidney beans

FAT: 1/2 Tablesp guacamole

PROTEIN: 1 boiled egg or 1 oz/30g Tempeh

CARB: 1 cup cherry tomatoes + 1 cucumber

FAT: 1 teasp pesto or 1/2 Tablesp guacamole

Vicki Witt

Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Coach, Certified LEAP allergy therapist, Reiki Master

BS (Nutr & Food Sci) PG Dip Clin Nutr RNutr

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