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Which Hormone is Keeping you Fat?  It only takes one to stall weight loss!!

About Vicki Witt

Look and feel cleansed, revitalized and rejuvenated! 

International Nutritionist

Internationally recognised.

Vicki previously owned and managed a highly successful nutrition and weight loss clinic in Australia before moving to Boise, Idaho.  Her custom designed program's have been developed specifically for Americans and take into account food options available to Americans in all 50 states. One of Boise, Idaho and Australia's top Nutritionists and weight loss experts, Vicki has frequently been approached by TV, radio and newspapers for interview and comment. Vicki has been featured on Thumbtack as a top Nutritionist for many years in a row.

Results from week 1

"I had the pleasure of working alongside Vicki for almost 2 years in Australia. The clients that came through the clinic saw extremely great results. Within their first week, so many would express to us how good they felt regarding their energy levels and all round well being. As well as working with Vicki, she helped me with my own health and wellness goals. After 3 years of continuing her program, I really do find this program not only becomes a lifestyle change but is something I can easily maintain on my own as I have been given the best advise and tools which has been implemented into my everyday routine. The program not only helped me lose weight, but I've managed to keep at my goal weight, I have sustained my energy levels and am the healthiest I've ever been. I would recommend Vicki's services to anyone who is interested in weight loss and wellness, as I believe her program is something that everyone can use in their day to day life and is tailored to your own lifestyle and needs."

Tash K, Perth

Weight Loss Plans

Knowledge & Know-how

Vicki is inspired to bring her knowledge and practical know-how to heal you through clean, total body nutrition; balancing emotions through behavioral approaches that are uplifting, positive and life affirming; and eliminating habits that are not serving you. Vicki's individualized nutrition and weight loss eating plans are comprehensive and results driven to help you change your relationship around food and deliver real transformation and lasting satisfaction. 


Personalized to you

"Vicki is warm and wonderful, and will be completely attentive to your personal needs. This is not a cookie cutter diet. Vicki will LISTEN TO YOU and modify and tweak your program according to your personal needs and desires. You will lose weight guaranteed without being hungry. I could shoot off an email at night when I had a question and I would have an answer in my inbox the next morning.  Vicki is incredibly knowledgeable and will help you with hints and tips and tricks to enable you to met your goals. The plan works if you work the plan. Thank you Vicki!"

Kathy F, NY

Vicki digs deep like a Detective

"Vicki was referred to me by my primary physician who is a top notch MD herself. Vicki is an outstanding nutritionist who has crafted a program that stands heads and shoulders above anything else I have tried before. I am a 54 year old male, I have been working with her for 1 month and the results have been above my expectations in terms of body fat loss and general well-being. Vicki doesn’t stop at “what’s going on” but digs deep, like a detective, into “why” something is going on and addresses the root of the problem. She is very science based and has deep knowledge about hormones and their inner workings. Her program includes hundreds of easy food ideas for people on the go and for those who want to cook. I will continue to work with Vicki and strongly recommend her."

Alex S, NJ

Highly Qualified Clinical Nutritionist

Highly Qualified

Being a qualified and registered Clinical Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Science (Nutrition and Food Science) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition and more than twenty years of consulting experience, Vicki is passionate and well qualified to help you succeed and attain your goals. Vicki authentically finds her supportive role in nutrition and counselling rewarding to help you create real and lasting change. Your experience will be positive, powerful and empowering to fulfill your goals

Vicki leaves no stone unturned

"I have had the delight to work with Vicki several years ago and then recently after a very stressful life event. She is the best in her field and the time she takes to write out your plan and then walks the path with you every step of the way makes her truly one of a kind! Vicki helps with everything Vicki’s program is not just about what you eat, it’s about your relationship with food, your exercising and what is best for you in all aspects of life! Vicki leaves no stone unturned to help her clients reach their success! Thank you Vicki for your program, your guidance and your kindness!"

Hillary L, Boise

"Change will not come if you wait for someone or some other time. Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change. We are the change that we seek". 


Not only will you see results in weight loss but also in energy, hormonal balancing, sleeping, bowel movements, stress management, eliminating cravings and hunger, mood and much more


Vicki has limited space so make the commitment to yourself and register for your FREE, no obligation, Nutrition Assessment today. Help yourself live the life you were meant to live. You will be thrilled you did!

Vicki Saved my life! 

"Stop searching right now for a nutritionist that will actually produce results because you have found her!!! Vicki has absolutely saved my life!!! When I came to her my health was declining extremely fast and I was extremely depressed and lost. Within days of working with her I was loosing weight and feeling better!!! Not only does she provide you with a meal plan but she also takes extreme pride in educating you on why your eating what you are and what it is doing inside your body!! There were several times when I messed up but she NEVER judged me! She always greeted me with a smile, and a plan for getting back on track! She has become such an important part of my life that I honestly can't see myself ever not working with her! She is worth every penny because now my labs at the doctor are picture perfect and they have NEVER been like that before Vicki! Trust me, if you are in desperate need of help, she can provide that to you and so much more! Your life is priceless, so make this one count and make every attempt to be here as long as you can with her! You will NOT regret it!!! This I can 100% GUARANTEE!!!"

Jake B, VA

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