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food design appointment

Food Design Appointment

Food Design Appointment

What? The initial FOOD DESIGN appointment is 60 minutes and tailored specifically to you with Vicki's guidance.

  • Covering the structure and blue print of your eating program.

  • PROGRAM STRUCTURE – Vicki will design the structure of your eating plan based on your body composition, schedule, personal information, and activity level. She will also require your inches and will send through the specific area’s for you to take from.

  • Your template day is written out in your eManual together WITH you via video conferencing. We do this together so you have a plan that works for you and your lifestyle. It incorporates the TIMING of each meal and snack (based on your personal schedule), and AMOUNTS of Protein, Carbs and Fat required (based on your body composition, personal information and activity level). In essence, you are choosing what foods you want to put into the balanced fat burning framework of Vicki's custom, handcrafted Nutrition eating plans.

  • You will be taught a method so you can create variety and flexibility for the rest of your life. Therefore you will be confident when dining out, socializing, travelling and in the holidays season.

  • You will receive your personalized, tailored eManual that contains all the resources, shopping lists (with images and where to buy - this is purely a reference as you do not have to buy anything on the shopping list if you wish), and tools to get started that are specific to you and your needs.

  • FOOD DIARY - You will keep a food and symptom diary for a week post the food design appointment. 

  • Together, you and Vicki will sculpt your food plan to what 'you' like so it becomes a lifestyle solution with real and lasting results.

  • Blow Out Protocol - Vicki is a realist and know's there will be eating off plan so she designed the Blow Out Protocol to counter act such times and reset your chemistry back to weight loss/fat loss and muscle building. It can take up to 5 days to return to fat burning without it. Therefore, you will find travel, socializing and holidays easy to manoeuvre and still lose weight. 

DIY Food Design

In the Start up and Fresh Start 4 and 8 week programs, you can choose to either have your Food Design appointments with Vicki or DIY. 

DIY food design is a series of tutorial video's so you can design your own meals and snacks using the correct portions and meal timing calculated by Vicki.

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