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Your Holistic Nutritionist & Weight Loss Coach

Weight Loss Programs 

Have you tried everything for years to lose weight yet continue to fail time and time again?

 Young Woman Contemplating


Are you at the end of your rope with cookie-cutter deprivation diet plans that promise weight loss?


A healed gut?

Increased energy?

Less pain?

Better mood?

Better sleep?

But you continue to struggle because they are unsustainable?



Don't correct anything?

No support?

Are so time-consuming?

And just don't work!!

Not to mention you still have terrible cravings and are hungry all the time and always hungry at night.

My friend, all you need is to tweak the balance and timing of your meals. Then, you will open the 'wellness spring' and 'flood gates' to optimum health and wellness.

My clients are people just like you - who have failed on a plethora of other diets/plans, but really just needed a plan customized just for them!


Vicki makes it easy to be healthy. She's sorted through all of the overwhelming conflicting information and boiled it all down to what's healthy. I've lost 20 pounds so far, have more energy than I have in years and I'm never hungry! She's a great positive coach who lets you know that you can do it! Highly recommended.”

- Melissa P.

Are you . . .


Should you consider Keto? Maybe Paleo? There are so many diet plans, many you've tried. Why don't they work!?


You're so tired of trying! So tired of the struggle especially when you really try to eat right and exercise.


Maybe you feel like you eat healthy and exercise, but the stubborn pounds won’t go away!!


You're simply drained and unmotivated. You are exhausted - irritable and moody. This isn't the way you want to live life!

And, do you dread:

Those horrible mood swings?

Whether it's PMS, menopause, low Testosterone, PCOS, or stress, you can't seem to get a handle on your emotions! Dealing with life shouldn't be this hard!

Playing with the kids?

You love them, but have no energy! And you want that time with your kids or grandkids, but time keeps slipping away.

Going to the doctor?

The idea of getting a blood draw scares you, and stepping on that scale is depressing.

Choosing food?

You might already feel like you eat healthy! So why can't you take control of your weight or the way that you feel?

That afternoon crash?

The only way to stay awake at work is to grab a cup of coffee or the sweet treat in the break room - and then you're still exhausted!

Your alarm clock?

Seriously, can you remember the last time you woke up refreshed and energized?

Preparing Healthy Food

You Deserve Better.

The accepted contemporary way of living completely stressed out, fatigued, and overwhelmed is not okay!


You deserve to live your best life, and it doesn’t have to be that hard!!

It's time for a change!

The Thing is, You're Smart!

You’re capable and ready for a change before it’s too late.


You know that other people have lost weight and kept it off. You watch other men -women - couples - families who seem to have it all together.


They have tons of energy! They live an active lifestyle and seem happy and able.


You know deep down in your heart that this is no way to go through life. You know that it is time to make a change, you just don’t know who to turn to or who to believe.


A Complete Holistic solution

My Easy Step By Step Personalized Process 


I offer a complete holistic weight loss solution balancing hormones naturally and create lasting and successful weight loss. 























Most of my clientele have tried other approaches with much disappointment. They come to me when all else fails so they can finally succeed. You can see reviews HERE. These are ordinary people who had the exact same fears and hesitations that you probably have right now.

They succeeded because they…

  • Remained open and they invested time into learning a system specifically designed for their unique body and lifestyle for lasting change.

  • Followed my easy step-by-step personalized process.

  • Joined up and started reaping the benefits in 3 to 7 days - fat loss, boosted energy, restful and rejuvenate sleep, optimized hormones, joy and calmness in their lives, balanced gut health and much, much more!

What I teach is real and it works. Give yourself the chance to turn things around. You won’t regret it! 

3 levels customization.JPG
Holistic approach.JPG

IMPORTANT: Remember that this program is like nothing you have ever experienced before. It is customized to you and your personalized internal body and external influences to create a lasting successful lifestyle.  

  • Not only will you lose body fat but your whole quality of life will improve as you see your entire body optimize and work FOR you, rather than against you. 

  • Experience bountiful energy, restorative sleep, brightened mood, regular and smooth working bowels, balanced hormones, elimination of cravings and hunger, and much, much more.  

  • Health is priceless so keep in mind the huge benefits and what your life would look like when you feel amazing every single day! Life becomes easier, smoother, more joyful.  

  • What is that worth to you? Don’t miss this opportunity to give yourself the greatest gift of all. You deserve not to suffer any more!  

  • Do this for yourself and your family. Don’t put this off or delay

  • You don’t want to be in the same place in another month, a year, or 5 years because you didn’t take action. Experience the awesomeness and life you want and can truly have right now. You owe it to yourself! 



Become the change you seek! 

Finally reach Bodytopia – sculpted for you and your uniqueness. 

Mind. Body. Spirit.

Imagine a newfound sense of optimism:

Wake up Feeling Good!

You wake up feeling good. REALLY good, like maybe you already had a cup-of-coffee-kind-of- good -> insomnia, hot flashes, migraines <- GONE!

Emoji VW rainbow.png

Your clothes fit!

Emoji VW YES.png

When you get dressed and look in the mirror and smile because you fit perfectly into your favorite pair of jeans - (what you used to call your “skinny” jeans!)

Playtime is fun!

Emoji VW party blower.png

You can play with your kids or grandkids with ease -- the get-down-on-the-floor-with-them kind of play! (Where you know you won’t have trouble getting up.)

Awesome doctor visits!


Realizing how much your triglycerides dropped within 3 mos time? (And you look at your doctor, and she says,”it’s time to eliminate or reduce your meds”)!

No more PMS!

Emoji VW wink.png

PMS is a thing of the past! No more shutting the world out or trying to function with all the horrible symptoms.

No more pain!

Emoji VW peach.png

You realize mid-day out of nowhere, that the headaches or migraines that used to plague you are gone -- so much so that you can’t even remember the last time you had one.

Smile for the camera!

Emoji VW smile.png

Posing comfortably for family photos (instead of trying to hide behind the rest of the family).

Choose the right foods!

Emoji VW in salad bowl.png

Knowing exactly what should go on your plate with ease!! True food choice confidence in how, what, when you eat. And the interesting thing is, the way you eat has become easy!

Renewed clarity!

Emoji VW zen lily.png

Truly going through life with a renewed clarity that you are actually finally living and not just letting life pass you by. 

That spark in the bedroom!

Emoji VW so happy.png

There's a new spark with your spouse that you thought maybe just goes away with age.

Better Sleep!

Emoji VW sleep_2.png

Insomina and "busy brain" are gone. You're finally able to get a restful night's sleep. A sense of well-being surrounds you like a halo.

Less stress!

Emoji VW pedi.png

Feeling more relaxed and at ease than you have in years. The stress of the world doesn’t sit in between your shoulders anymore. 

Vicki paid attention
Vicki paid attention to my body's sign's and symptoms

Ana Y , ID

Vicki is very knowledgeable in her trade and an absolute pleasure to work with. I decided to ask for her help because the strategies that worked for me in the past as far as achieving health, were no longer leading anywhere. Vicki paid attention to all the signs and symptoms that my body was presenting and was able to successfully advise me in what I needed to do with nutrition, supplementation and general habits to get on a path to well being. I still have work to do, but in 4 weeks I have lost weight and inches, I am sleeping better, don't have cravings and I have a lot more energy than I did before. I am sure that I will be able to reach my goals with her help!

Green Vegetables

Vicki's Testimonials

What Our Clients Say

"Vicki's programs and appointments are informative and tailored to my specific needs. I've learned a lot and Vicki is always available via email for questions. It was a blast. Thanks so much for all your guidance, expertise and your cheerful attitude.” 


Jacob H

Meditating on the Beach
I'm getting so much more than I bargained for!

Alisa B, PA

This has been an exceptional experience. Every week, I learn something new. Hands down, this beats all my previous attempts to lose weight (and they are numerous). For the first time, I'm getting advice tailored to my particular body, not the one-size-fits-all approach of every other diet. Vicki is a storehouse of well-researched information and has dozens of helpful tools to recommend. She is diligent about tweaking my daily report, and as pounds gently drop, I am getting so much more than I bargained for, such as reduced pain and inflammation. She says I can even hope for better nails to boot. I took reviews about her at face value before I hired her, and none of them misled me. Nor should my review mislead you. Vicki Witt is utterly enjoyable to work with and top-notch in every way.

I am learning how to fuel my body!

Karen S, CA

I have loved working with Vicki. I have read and studied nutrition quite a lot over the last few years....but have learned so much that I did not know from her. I am learning how to fuel my body with nutritional food instead of deprivation dieting. Vicki always has a solution for any problem you are having and is an endless fountain of knowledge and helpful tips. I am having so much less pain in my joints since working with Vicki and love her kind, non-judgemental approach as she coaches. It has been a joy working with her and no matter what your goals are she will be helpful. She is prompt, organized, well prepared and extremely thorough.

Meet Vicki

Over 1000+ Success Stories!

Vicki_image_in_white_on_wall_ (1).jpg

I’m Vicki Witt! As a Holistic Nutritionist and Weight Loss
Coach I help men and women optimize their health by designing hand-crafted food plans that result in sustained weight loss, muscle gain, balanced hormones naturally, and reduced stress. 


I’ve helped 1000s of men and women across the globe create a holistic nutritional plan that has absolutely changed their lives for the better.

Most first world countries, have a diet filled with food that has little to no nutrition. A better way to put it, many are filling their stomachs up with Franken-foods that barely even resemble food. It’s like feeding your goldfish “Goldfish crackers” and expecting it to be a healthy fish. 


It doesn’t work. 


As your online Nutritionist I will create an eating plan program, tailor-made, hand-crafted, specifically for you, your lifestyle, and your individualized body chemistry.

Why Choose Vicki?

  • Over 25 years of practical clinical experience in weight loss and hormonal control

  • Award-winning online Nutritionist and Weight loss coach, and professionally acclaimed services

  • Extensive experience and success with more complex cases - extreme health issues, challenging lives, limited food preferences, those who have not succeeded with weight loss previously (until they meet me)

  • Specialized in metabolic weight loss and hormonal control

  • Thorough, practical, and solution-based

  • Carefully customized eating plans for you and your uniqueness

  • Receive detailed, actionable information, and structure that you can use to create real results quickly!

  • Create a lifestyle that conquers your body and health for life

  • Highest level of accountability and support

  • Holistic Nutritionist - One-stop-shop for weight loss and optimizing energy, sleep, mood, bowels, blood sugar, hormones, thyroid and metabolism, pain and inflammation, skin, and everything in between!

  • I am empathic, nurturing, and genuinely dedicated to you and your goals

  • Life-changing results

  • Huge benefits and results within 3 to 7 days


Sculpted for you and your uniqueness.


Ready to learn more?

Take the next step today to see how you can achieve Bodytopia through one of my signature weight loss and wellness programs.

program menu

Path 1 > Renew Yourself (6-Month Program)

This is the highest level of support and ultimate adventure where you get to your destination by hiring a dedicated travel guide (me 😉) that has been on the path for years and years -- getting people just like you from where they are now to where they've always wanted to be! Experience an adventure where every turn and every hill has an accountability partner. One who can guide you on the best way to do it even when you don't think it's possible. These 1:1 programs cover holistic support in diet, behavior, hormones, stress management, and exercise. Total Body Wellness.

For Those Who Want ->

  • Added Support and Accountability

  • A tailored eating plan

  • To conquer sabotage and create lasting change.

  • To really cement in habits as a lifestyle

  • To work on behaviors for long term success

  • To lose more than 20lbs (10kg)

  • Emotional or stress eating support

  • To work on more complex health issues

Bodytopia Online Toolkit

Access to our members-only resource library filled with delicious recipes and other weight-loss tools and resources to help you stay on track and achieve your goals.

9 x E-Manuals and Balanced Life Checklist

  • Custom Food Design

  • Cleansing

  • Water & Breathing

  • Stress Management

  • Emotional Blocks

  • Vacations/Holidays

  • Exercise

  • Allergens & Weight

  • Hormones and Toxins 


Unlimited Email and What’s App Support

Between appointments, you have unlimited access via email or What’s App to continue being supported completely and continuously. You can email or message me anytime to ask questions and acquire emotional support.


Weekly Metrics Analysis

Each week, you’ll send your body composition metrics for analysis, so I can explain and adjust your plan if necessary for optimal results.


Daily Food and Symptom Diary Analysis

You’ll record what you’re eating and how you’re feeling every day. I’ll then analyze and adjust the food to your specific body chemistry to ensure optimal results from the get-go. I’ll tell you why you’re feeling a certain way and what the solution is so you can make changes and reap immediate benefits.  


12 x 30-minute Support Appointments

Choose either Email Support or VIP video call Support

Comprehensive 30-minute appointments via VIP video calls or Standard email appointments are conducted weekly for the first month, then every other week until month 6. Unpacking and troubleshooting challenges to optimize success and create a lifestyle you'll love. If you have more complex health issues, struggle with emotional or stress eating, or have significant weight loss goals, it’s recommended that you opt for video calls so I can provide you with the best support and you can get optimal results.

men and women

 1 x 60-minute Food Design Appointment

We start with a 1-hour Food Design appointment via live video call to customize your unique program. 

Emoji VW Eat greens full body.png

Path 2 > Feel Revitalized (3-Month Program)

This is an intermediate level of support program where the journey is shorter and has less interferences or obstacles than those qualifying for 6 month programs. You will still have me - your dedicated travel guide - to walk with you ever step of the way and support you to your best outcomes.
For Those Who Want ->

  • Accountability

  • A Tailored eating plan

  • Habit-forming Support.

  • To lose 10-20lb (5-10kg) and a lifestyle that suits.

  • To work on athletic support, post baby weight loss, pain, gut health.

Bodytopia Online Toolkit

Access to our members-only resource library filled with delicious recipes and other weight-loss tools and resources to help you stay on track and achieve your goals.

9 x E-Manuals and Balanced Life Checklist

  • Custom Food Design