Your personalized eating plan will be designed 'together' with Vicki. You will be taught how to construct meals and snacks as well as being provided with ready done ideas and recipes. Your customized Food Design Manual will provide you will all the tools, resources and information to get you started along with your personalized eating plan. See PROGRAMS below.



  • Dietary support and meal plan construction

  • Learn a method so you can be flexible from day to day and when socializing, travelling and dining out

  • Real life and personalized recipes

  • Body composition and measurements analysis each session

  • Emotional & behavioral counselling

  • Habit changing tools and techniques 

  • Inspirational and life changing advice

  • Password protected MEMBERS ONLY access of the website. Here you will find recipes, meal planners, snack planners, articles, resources, food diaries, ideal food items/brands and other support resources. 

  • Vicki Witt's Nutrition and Weight Loss Eating Plan MANUAL's - you receive a different part with each support appointment. 

The manual includes the following sections:

* Part 1 - Customized Food design & Rules

* Part 2 - Clean GUT, clean body - the importance of cleansing

* Part 3 - Water & Breathing exercises

* Part 4 - Stress & Mindful living

* Part 5 - Conquer emotional blocks for permanent weight loss

* Part 6 - Cheat days & Holidays

* Part 7 - Exercise - what is best for weight loss and health

* Part 8 - Allergens, well-being and weight 

* Part 9 - Hormones & Toxins - Do your hormones rule you? Are they keeping you overweight?

Consultations are held via SKYPE, FACETIME, or other video conferencing platform; or EMAIL.

Programs & Appointment breakdown

Free Nutrition Assessment

Food Design Appointment

Support Appointments

Vicki Witt

Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Coach, Certified LEAP allergy therapist, Reiki Master

BS (Nutr & Food Sci) PG Dip Clin Nutr RNutr

Proud to service all USA and AUS states.

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