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Looking For Weight Loss Inspiration?

If you've ever wondered how your favorite celebrity has lost weight and if it's the best way, you'll want to check out this new series.

How did they lose the weight?

This series focuses on celebrities who are famous for their weight loss. You'll discover these secrets:

Paul Giamatti
  • How much weight did the Billions star lose?

  • How did he lose the weight?

  • What does he look like now?

Chaz Bono
  • What diet did he use for weight loss?

  • Has he maintained the weight loss?

  • Did he have weight loss surgery?

  • How did she lose the weight so fast?

  • Did she use the Keto diet for weight loss?

  • What diet did she use for weight loss?

Rebel Wilson
  • How has she lost weight?

  • Did she use a fad diet for weight loss?

  • What did she eat to lose weight?

What I would do different?

For each of these celebrities, I also provide my take. What did I like about each weight loss program and what would I do different.

To see my celebrity weight loss secrets check out these blog posts:

Paul Giamatti
Rebel Wilson
Chaz Bono
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