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How did Rebel Wilson Lose Weight so Quickly?

In 2020 Rebel Wilson set herself a challenge and embarked on a new weight loss diet plan that resulted in her losing almost 80 pounds to reach her goal weight in what she has called her "Year of Health".

In an interview with People, the actress said "I'm just trying to go for overall balance, overall healthy balance".

Previous to 2020 the celebrity superstar actress of Pitch Perfect and Senior Year, Rebel Wilson, had been eating a massive 3,000 calories per day loaded with carbohydrates and she struggled to control her weight.

"Before I was probably eating 3,000 calories most days, and because they were normally carbs, I would still be hungry," she confessed.

By changing her diet to reduce carbohydrates and increase the amount of protein she was able to quickly shed the extra weight she had been carrying which resulted in a stunning body transformation that made news headlines around the world.

"So, I've really changed to eating a high-protein diet, which is challenging because I didn't used to eat a lot of meat."

How did a High Protein Diet help?

So you might be thinking that switching from a high carb diet to a low carb, high protein diet couldn't possibly explain her dramatic weight loss results, but from my many years as a Clinical Nutritionist helping my clients to lose weight I can confirm this approach does work for some.

Rebel explained that by eating mindfully and ensuring her meals contain a good portion of protein such as chicken breast, or high quality fish such as salmon she was able to control food cravings she had previously struggled with.

With a high protein “You feel satisfied and then you stop eating,” she said.

“Whereas if I’m eating a whole frickin’ bag of chips I’m just like devouring that and suddenly there’s a ton of calories and game over and yeah, no weight loss that week.”

Salmon healthy meal