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Which Hormone is Keeping you Fat?  It only takes one to stall weight loss!!

Proudly Serving Los Angeles and all of California

Become a Healthier, Happier You

With a personalized holistic weight loss diet  program customized for your lifestyle and individual body chemistry which clientele describe as transformational and life changing!.

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How a Free Assessment Works

*This is a free call with no obligations attached!

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Get a nutritional baseline of where you’re at right now.
Support Call



Discover why and how your body is responding to what you eat (and why you lack energy and can’t seem to lose weight).
Online Meeting



Find out how a customized holistic diet weight loss plan will help you increase energy, lose weight, balance your hormones, and renew your zest for life!

Just ask a few of Vicki’s clients - she has over 1000 client success stories!

My sleep has become better, as well as my overall health. 

Toni D.
San Francisco, CA

We have a new lifestyle change that will be permanent and feel so much better! 

Michelle D.
Los Angeles, CA

I have lost 50 lbs on her program and I really couldn't have done it without her.

Ally C., ID

I’ve lost fat, gained muscle, feel alert and clear headed the whole day!

Sam R., CA

My results have been terrific, losing over 11 pounds in my first month and dropping my body fat by over 4%.

Todd F., WA

Yoga class for people trying to lose weight Los Angeles

“Vicki makes it easy to be healthy. She's sorted through all of the overwhelming conflicting information and boiled it all down to what's healthy. I've lost 20 pounds so far, have more energy than I have in years and I'm never hungry! She's a great positive coach who lets you know that you can do it! Highly recommend.”

Jaime M., Boise ID


Why Choose Vicki?

As your metabolic weight loss coach, Vicki Witt helps people just like you with a holistic approach to weight loss. She knows from over 25 years of experience and over 1000 success stories that her clients want more than a diet program. 


Their desires go way beyond just losing weight. They want to get to the root of their symptoms and get back their zest for life. They want improved and restful sleep. They want to wake up and have consistent energy throughout the day. 


Vicki's clients feel good -

mind, body, and spirit!

With her customized holistic and hormonal weight loss programs, Vicki can help you too with an easy-to-follow eating plan that's hand-crafted with your unique body chemistry in mind.

* Benefits you'll experience within just a few days of working with Vicki! *

Increased Energy

Low energy can happen for two reasons: Stress and unbalanced blood sugar levels! Vicki will address all these and more to ensure your energy is good ALL DAY EVERY DAY! 

"The result was fantastic! Not only did I lose the extra weight I had put on, but my body became more toned and my energy levels went through the roof, as well as my confidence. Vicki was there step by step with an easy-to-follow plan and the motivation I needed to keep going. I have continued to use Vicki's approach to a healthier life and it has become second nature to me now!"

-Andrea D., Arizona

More Restful Sleep

Poor sleep happens for a number of reasons including stress, a high sugar and caffeine diet, and our overall lifestyle and habits. A few small tweaks are needed and you will be sleeping like a baby again!

"I have lost weight and inches, but what I really feel great about is how much better overall I feel. I'm sleeping better; I'm waking up more rested-- I don't have the aches and pains I was having. I can't say enough good things about Vicki! If you're hesitating-- don't! SO WORTH IT!!"

-Shena C., California

Eliminate Cravings

Cravings for sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and chocolate usually sabotage weight loss efforts. Vicki's plans will eliminate cravings in the first week of the program making loss and maintenance a lasting reality.

"Mentally, I feel more positive, happier, and better. I experience fewer cravings and find that I have more energy throughout the day. No more lethargy after meals. Vicki is also really good at troubleshooting the foods that don't work specifically with my body and figuring out healthy alternatives to the foods that I crave."

-Kameswari D., California

Consistent Fat Loss

You can expect to see 1-2 lbs of fat loss per week. It is important to maintain muscle on a weight loss plan so your metabolism stays high. Vicki's eating plans allow you to maximize your fat loss and metabolic rate.

"I've been working with Vicki for about 6 weeks and am very pleased with my progress so far. I've been losing consistently every week. I feel better than I have for quite a while. Vicki has been great about answering any question I have. Highly recommend!"

Judy M., Nevada

By balancing your hormones and your brain chemistry you will optimize your body for full total body wellness and health as well as lasting fat loss. Conquer your moods, cycles, sleep, relieve stresses and water retention, nourish and nurture your organs and stimulate your metabolism!

"I have been working with Vicki to help me lose weight, control IBS symptoms, balance hormones, and for overall good health. After only 6 weeks (2 of which I was on vacation) I have lost 10 pounds and over 9". I feel so much better! I am not hungry, I have more energy, I am happier with myself and everything around me."

Paige L., Idaho

Stress Management

Managing stress is all about taking control of your thoughts, emotions, schedule, and the way you react and deal with problems. Emotional and stress eating is a very common way to cope. Through practical techniques, Vicki will help you to obtain your ideal weight and stay there.

"Not only do I feel fantastic as I'm losing weight, but I have steady energy all day; I'm sleeping well; my mood is upbeat in spite of tremendous stress; and I've learned many things about how I function."

Amy M., Arkansas

Improved Medical Conditions

You can see improvements and corrections in medical conditions due to the blood sugar-stabilizing effect of Vicki's hormonal weight loss approach as well as an anti-inflammatory and alkalizing effect. Inflammation can cause dysfunction of fat cells influencing the way fat cells produce hormones involved in weight gain. 

"I had been struggling to eat, was in pain, and was absolutely exhausted for 2 months. I had seen doctors and done every test out there. . . . I decided to try working with Vicki to see if there was another option other than surgery for me. Within a week I was feeling so much better. My energy was coming back. I was eating. I was no longer exhausted after I ate. And my pain decreased significantly."

Lisa M., Florida

Customized Plan and Support

Vicki's goal is to create an easy holistic plan that works with you, your body chemistry, your schedule, and your lifestyle. She works with you to make permanent and lasting habits. No two plans are the same. Vicki will provide you with the ongoing support, knowledge, tools, and blueprint to burn fat AND build muscle.

"She took the time, not only to develop a personalized program for me, but she also educated me so I understood how and certain foods were good or not good for my body. Her plan was comprehensive and encompassed not only food but also sleep, stress, and hormonal balancing!"

Ange B., Hawaii

Hands Touching

Vicki’s Holistic and Hormonal Weight Loss Programs Los Angeles

Find out more about Vicki's signature programs below. 

Or, book a call to explore what type of support is right for you!

Vicki's programs have been designed with you in mind.

There are three options to choose from.

> 1:1 Personalized Support

> Done With You Support

> DIY Program

More Raving Reviews!


Option 1 > VIP - PREMIUM Weight Loss Program

1:1 Three and Six-month Packages Available

This is the highest and most effective level of support. Vicki's customized hormonal weight loss programs will get you from where you are now to where you've always wanted to be!


These 1:1 programs cover holistic support in diet, behavior, hormones, stress management, and exercise. 

Your choice of VIDEO or EMAIL 1:1 support consultations. 

3 & 6-month plans are available & include:

Initial Food Design Live Call

Vicki starts with a 1-hour Food Design appointment to customize your unique program.


Premium Support

In between appointments you have unlimited email communication to continue to be supported completely and continuously. You can email or text at any time to ask questions and acquire emotional support. In addition, you receive daily Food and Symptom Diary analysis and feedback or adjustments, Metrics Analysis weekly, and Member's Access for the duration of your program.

Frequent Consultations

Comprehensive 30-minute consultations are conducted weekly for the first month, then every other week until month 3 or 6. Unpacking and troubleshooting challenge to optimize success and create a lifestyle you'll love.

Emoji VW Eat greens full body.png

Option 2 > Done With You Weight Loss Plans

Fresh Start 8 week

Vicki will be your guide starting you out on the right path. She will support you with creating a food plan and offer holistic support with diet, behavior, hormones, stress management, and exercise. 

If you're motivated, don't need emotional support, and are ready to take control with a little direction to sculpt a program that works specifically with your unique body chemistry, then this program is for you!

Week One
1:1 Live Call Personalized Food Design Appointment to customize your unique plan


Week Two
One Email appointment to go over your personalized plan, questions, and any adjustments

  • QuickStart Cleansing Guide

  • Cleansing Manual


Weeks One-Eight

  • Daily Food Diary analysis

  • Weekly Metrics analysis

  • Unlimited email support!

  • Member's Area Access

Emoji VW apple.png

Option 3 > DIY Weight Loss Program

Replenish 12-week DIY program

If you are a DIYer and can follow directions then this program will work for you. In this 12-week program, Vicki gives you a week-by-week guide to help you understand and build your own program. This is also for those who love learning and the details that go along with the ideas of optimum nutrition. *Beware: if you aren't comfortable DIYing due to easily going down other paths that look attractive, but won't get you to your destination, then this might not be the best option for you. 

Men & Women

Designed for men and women who are self-starters and comfortable implementing a DIY program on their own.

Learn Balance

You will learn to balance your body and hormones at the same time as accessing stored body fat for energy. 

Program Phases

Over the course of 12 weeks, you'll work through 5 phases:

Phase 1: Goals
Phase 2: Sculpt your Nutrition
Phase 3: Detox and Cleanse
Phase 4: Lifestyle
Phase 5: Emotional Wellness

Look and feel amazing at any age with my highly successful lifestyle plan that you can sculpt yourself.

I wish I had found Vicki years ago!!

Amanda N, CA

Vicki is incredible to work with. I am so grateful I found her! i Wish I had found her years ago. I feel great and have seen huge results that I couldn't achieve on my own, and it has only been a month. What I like most about working with Vicki is she is so knowledgeable about the body, nutrition, and health, and she always explains the why.

Vicki helped cure my bad eating habits!

Adrienne F., CA

I loved working with Vicki, she's amazing and has a wealth of nutritional knowledge. She is helps you to understand your motivations for how you eat and develop actionable plans toward a more healthy way of living. I love her holistic approach to nutrition.

Losing consistently every week

Judy M, NV

I've been working with Vicki for about 6 weeks and am very pleased with my progress so far. I've been losing consistently every week. I feel better than I have for quite a while. Vicki has been great about answering any question I have. Highly recommended!

I Dropped 4% body fat in 1 month!

Todd F, WA

My experience with Vicki has made such a positive impact on my life. This is not a diet. This is learning how to really eat right. It can set you up for life if you are motivated to change. I was nervous about the program, but it is not difficult. You have to unlearn bad habits. Vicki is with you every step of the way. Her program goes beyond foods. She has tools to help you with stress relief, too. I would recommend hiring her to help you. My results have been terrific, losing over 11 pounds in my first month and dropping my body fat by over 4%.

Losing weight with no exercise - just diet!

Richa G, MI

I was introduced to Vicki through one of my friends. I was reluctant to call Vicki but now I am really happy about my decision to call her as I am getting full guidance from Vicki and working towards my goal. Lost 9lbs in a month just with diet. No time to go to gym. Vicki is very punctual and provides quick response each and every time. I really like the way she handles my situation and would definitely recommend her if you are looking to shed some pounds in a healthy and realistic way!!

Vicki motivates me to eat healthy!

Sam R , CA

Initially I thought ‘do I need someone to tell me how to eat healthy?’ The answer was an absolute Yes. After seeing Vicki for the last 4 week I can say I have never felt better. I’ve lost fat, gained muscle, feel alert and clear headed the whole day and wake in the mornings feeling energised and ready to go. Vicki’s programme, her professionalism and her knowledge has been incredible. I went to Vicki thinking I needed to lose a few kilos but I achieved so much more. The biggest gift you can give yourself is your health, let Vicki help you achieve this, I’m so glad I did.

Permanent Lifestyle change

Michelle D , CA

Nutritionist Los Angeles

Everything! We have really benefited from Vicki's knowledge. We have a new lifestyle change that will be permanent and feel so much better! That is even greater than the weight and inches loss we have experienced, which has been significant.

Confident moving forward

Maggie D, GA

Wonderful experience all around! Vicki has really given me the tools to feel confident towards achieving my goals. Very responsive and helpful. Would recommend her to anyone!

Physician success story

Ozita C , GA

I am a physician who need someone to walk with me to better Health my life has changed so much I enjoy my diet and it is working for me . I’m feel empowered to make great decisions in regards to my nutrition. Vickie’s personal touch and program is amazing ... I want to continue my work with her over the years ... I want the 10 year plan. When I see a good thing I want to hang on to it ...better Health 😎

Vicki Witt emoji logo transparent.png
Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 3.16.00 PM.png


The weight loss testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted. Results may vary depending on, but not limited to, the individual's medical condition, biochemistry, active participation in the program, lifestyle, or if taking hormones or pharmaceutical medication. Every testimonial on this website is from a real customer of Vicki Witt who used the program, and/or nutrition advice referred to on the website. No one was paid for a testimonial or endorsement.

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