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"She is FANTASTIC! I was down 3 inches overall and 13 lbs after only 4 visits with Vicki. After a month with Vicki, I am down almost 20lbs. When you are a 300 pound woman then that is a huge milestone. If you are determined to make a change then Vicki can help you take the right steps."


Cynthia R


"Vicki is, without a doubt, the best nutritionists I have met! It is the only program that has ever worked for me because it concentrates on weight loss as part of well-being. I know her many, many clients would say the same!!" 


- Karen C


"With Vicki's program, advice, and encouragement, I am losing weight and inches as well as gaining muscle. I had been really stuck, unable to lose weight, so I am excited to be making progress with a program I can live with."

- Marci L