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implement a customized and holistic weight loss plan so that you can lose weight, keep it off, and gain back your zest for life!

If you have questions on how Vicki's online nutritionist and weight loss coaching programs work, please leave your details and questions below and Vicki will respond to you ASAP!

Vicki helps people just like you

Remember, the fastest way to become a healthier, happier you is to implement a plan that works with you, your lifestyle, and your unique body chemistry!

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Vicki's programs have been designed with you in mind.

There are three options to choose from.

> 1:1 Personalized Support

> Done With You Support

5 stars

"She is FANTASTIC! I was down 3 inches overall and 13 lbs after only 4 visits with Vicki. After a month with Vicki, I am down almost 20lbs. When you are a 300 pound woman then that is a huge milestone. If you are determined to make a change then Vicki can help you take the right steps."


Cynthia R


5 stars

"Vicki is, without a doubt, the best nutritionists I have met! It is the only program that has ever worked for me because it concentrates on weight loss as part of well-being. I know her many, many clients would say the same!!" 


- Karen C


5 stars

"With Vicki's program, advice, and encouragement, I am losing weight and inches as well as gaining muscle. I had been really stuck, unable to lose weight, so I am excited to be making progress with a program I can live with."

- Marci L


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