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Hormone weight loss support appointment

Support Appointments

Support Appointments

What? Support appointments are 30 minutes and will include dietary and emotional support, exercise, stress management, hormonal control, and how to optimize health through eating. We will troubleshoot and tweak your plan where needed for maximum results. Unlimited emails are included in the top tier programs to ensure premium support. 

Dietary Support

  • METRICS - Track weight, body fat, muscle, visceral fat using your body composition scale. Track inches. These Metrics are sent in the day before your scheduled appointment.

  • Ensuring the eating plan principles have been understood and executed correctly and thoroughly.

  • Ensuring the correct balance of Protein, Carbs and Fat and timing of food is being carried out effectively.

  • More meal examples and ideas/recipes are given and tailored to you (and your family).

  • Adjustments of the program and troubleshooting – Life is not static so as external and internal environments change this becomes key to keeping success continual and lasting.

  • Addressing your recipes you use at home and adjusting them to fit the easy, highly effective fat burning and balanced structure.

  • Maneuvering through, and strategizing for functions, social engagements and travel.

  • We will also cover such topics as – Cleansing, Water and Breathing, Conquering Emotional blocks, Stress and Mindful Living, Exercise, Allergies and Sensitivities, Hormones and toxins, Travel tips, Holiday tips, Alcohol protocols (if applicable), Athletic performance strategies (if applicable).

Behavioral - Emotional Support

  • Troubleshooting through blowouts – adjusting protocols to reset appetite, pancreatic and thyroid hormones, immune responses, and restart fat burning process.

  • Practical tools for :

    • Emotional eating (if applicable)

    • Stress management

    • Motivation

    • Binge eating (if applicable)

    • Preparing for blow outs

    • Keeping committed to goals

    • Sabotage

    • Rewarding with food (if applicable)

    • Making yourself and your health priority

Clinical - Hormonal Support

  • Dietary adjustment and/or herbal-nutritional support may be required to address clinical – hormonal imbalances in female and male hormones, blood sugar instability, adrenal fatigue, stress management, gut disturbances, sleep issues, mood disorders, heart markers, pain and inflammation, allergens etc.

  • Vicki's Nutrition and Weight loss Eating Plans are a complete program addressing your body as a whole enabling optimal health and maximising fat burning.

  • Diet is always the first point of call and markedly controls hormonal balance but in depleted systems supplements may be prescribed for accelerated results and support. Supplements, however, are NOT an integral part of my programs and prescribed infrequently.

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