"I have been working with Vicki to help me lose weight, control IBS symptoms, balance hormones and for overall good health. After only 6 weeks (2 of which I was on vacation) I have lost 10 pounds and over 9". I feel so much better! I am not hungry, I have more energy, I am happier with myself and everything around me. Vicki's programs go beyond others I have seen. She not only told me how much to eat within various food groups, she helped me put together exact meals so I could be assured of success. She even told me where I can locally purchase some items! She is always available when I have questions. I love her warmth, her sensitivity and her ability to listen. Her program is easy to understand and to follow. Her website has tons of great information also. I can't recommend her highly enough. I'm sure that even after my goals are met, I will return to Vicky occasionally for tune-ups!”

Paige L, Boise ID

“Strength does not come from the physical capacity, It comes from an indomitable will.” – Ghandi
Vicki fixed my metabolism. The plan works!

Kathy F , NY

Vicki's plan works if you work the plan. My story: I came to Vicki in the midst of a metabolism crash with wacky, middle-aged raging hormones and fluctuating blood sugar issues. Vicki got me started and then stayed with me. She listened to me. She responded quickly. She edited and modified and tweaked my program until she got a program that worked for me and addressed my specific issues. Above all else, she did not let me go feeling hungry. When I eat on the plan, I feel satisfied and that makes it easier to stick to it. I even came off the program for an extended vacation which included some treats (i.e. ice cream) and I maintained my weight! That means she FIXED my metabolism. On this program, I am confident that I can get down to any weight I wish. Vicki is so knowledgeable, responsive, and kind. She will be your mentor, your confidante and your cheerleader. If you experience a problem, she will get back to you quickly so you don't suffer. This isn't about suffering. It is about finding a plan that you can live with that makes you look and feel your best and enables you to lose all the weight you wish. You couldn't be in better hands than Vicki. Just be honest with yourself and follow the program. The plans works if you work the plan.

Vicki always has the answer i need.

Amy M , AK

In the past year I've relocated, married, started a new job, and tragically lost a young member of my family. I'm a woman in her late 40s, so the weight was piling on. I started working with Vicki about 6 months ago. With her guidance, not only have I stopped the weight gain, but I've managed to lose 15 pounds. I read quite a bit and thought I had read everything about nutrition, yet I was still packing on the pounds. Through all of the questions I've asked Vicki (thinking all of my questions are very advanced, naturally) she has always had an answer. She is impressively well-educated and knowledgeable in her field. Not only that, but If I say I don't like a particular item or process, she tries a different approach - she is quite patient and adapts well. Everyone's program is tailored to their specific needs and mine has been incredibly effective. Not only do I feel fantastic as I'm losing weight, but I have steady energy all day; I'm sleeping well; my mood is upbeat in spite of tremendous stress; and I've learned many things about how I function. I HIGHLY recommend Vicki to anyone who thinks they've tried everything and just cannot lose weight.

Find more great testimonials below!

True expert

Shantelle V, Honolulu HI

Nutritionist Boise, IDAHO

"I had the pleasure of being a client of Vicki's. She is a true expert in her field and an invaluable source in all areas of fitness, nutrition and wellbeing. In the time I spent with her, I achieved awesome results. I learnt so much and have easily able to adapt to my new healthy lifestyle using everything she taught me. At 40, I am the healthiest and fittest that I have ever been. Thank you Vicki!"

Cancelled operation thanks to Vicki

Lisa M, Miami FL

I found Vicki through my sister. She had been working with her and mentioned that I was having some issues with my gall bladder. That was putting it lightly. I had been struggling to eat, was in pain, and was absolutely exhausted for 2 months. I had seen doctors and done every test out there. Nothing was conclusive but it was suggested that my gallbladder be removed. I felt very anxious about it. I decided to try working with Vicki to see if there was another option other than surgery for me. Within a week I was feeling so much better. My energy was coming back. I was eating. I was no longer exhausted after I ate. And my pain decreased significantly. I can’t remember feeling this good. I am so incredibly grateful to Vicki and my sister for introducing us!

Tackles the root cause

Sara B, Italy

Nutritionist Boise, IDAHO

Comprehensive & Educational

Ange B, Honolulu HI

Nutritionist Boise, IDAHO

"I really appreciated Vicki's availability, constant effort to meet my needs and to troubleshoot. I also enjoyed her holistic approach that has tried to tackle the root causes of my difficulties with weight management. I have acquired some tools that have helped me considerably improving my energy level and mood. "

Ms Vicki was ABSOLUTELY awesome!!! She took the time, not only to develop a personalized program for me, but she also educated me so I understood how and certain foods were good or not good for my body. Her plan was comprehensive and encompassed not only food but also sleep, stress, and hormonal balancing! I can't explain what a great experience it was having Ms Vicki help me to reach my goals. As I move through different phases in my life, I'll be contacting her again and finding out what's healthy for my body at this new stage! I wouldn't trust my health to anyone else! Thanks Ms Vicki Witt!!!

Prompt and thorough!

Nina C, Honolulu HI

Nutritionist Hawaii

Vicki is AWESOME! First, she's prompt and thorough. She provides personalized services for her clients and makes changes as necessary to tailor them to your individual needs. I really love that she's so friendly and great at explaining what changes need to take place and why. If you're looking to improve your nutrition and look and feel your best let Vicki Witt help guide you to your goal!

I'd recommend Vicki to anyone

Marianne M , CA

Nutritionist Los Angeles

Inspired for life 

Sally K, WA

Nutritionist Boise, IDAHO

Why did I take so long to start?

Angela S, WA

Nutritionist Boise, IDAHO

Vicki has been amazing to work with. I have had great results and could not fault her professionalism and knowledge. I would thoroughly recommend Vicki to anyone wanting to change their life for the better.

When I first saw Vicki I was over weight, always fatigued, and not happy with the way I felt or looked. I have been with Vicki for over 4 months, I have not only lost weight, but have learnt through her wonderful encouragement, how it eat correctly, make good choices, and still be able to enjoy my life. Her gentle encouragement every time I see her has inspired me to continue on this journey for life.

I have been seeing Vicki since August and have lost 8 kg/18lb very successfully. I leave every session refreshed, positive, excited to be on this journey. Vicki listens to you, understands your lifestyle and has helped me balance my nutrition requirements so sensibly. I am never hungry, I refuse to say "diet" as I have made changes which has been so positive. Why did it take so long? Thank you Vicki.


Vicki explains everything in detail

Toni D, CA

Nutritionist San Francisco

Nutritionist Boise, IDAHO

Before working with Vicki, I had tried every diet fad out there. Cut out all carbs, did shakes instead of meals all day, and was totally miserable the whole time doing it. I would lose a few pounds but then gain more back in the end mostly because I was always hungry. Once I started with Vicki, everything changed. She takes the time to customize a meal plan for you and explains to you in detail the reasoning behind everything. All I feel like I'm doing is eating, and yet I'm still losing weight! She takes the time each week to listen to any issues I might have, and always responds to any email I send to her. My sleep has become better, as well as my overall health. Would recommend Vicki to anyone that is looking for long term like I am. For years, I struggled on my own to try to lose weight. I felt that I ate fairly healthy and I spent tons of hours in the gym but I couldn't lose the fat around my belly. I hired Vicki at the beginning of December and not only did she help me navigate the holidays without gaining weight, I actually lost weight and got fitter while still being able to socialize.

Her program is do-able, individualized and I have never been hungry. I only regret that I didn't find her sooner. I spent a lot of years feeling bad and wasting efforts. Best of all, my energy is up and I feel great. Vicki gives you indivualized attention. She is responsive and timely. I highly recommend her. She has a great deal of knowledge and is able to get it across in a way that is usable . I am so glad I found her. With her help, I have done in two months what I haven't been able to do on my own in years.

Cannot believe the results!

Fiona R , MD

I cannot believe the results I have had in 4 weeks! I have lost 11lbs, 3" off my waist and my energy levels are great. The food plan is easy to follow and I never go hungry. Vicki is warm and friendly and the weekly meetings are very informative. I'm excited to see the body changes in the next 4 weeks.

Fantastic Sports Nutritionist

Cabot, CA

Nutritoinist California

Nutritionist Boise, IDAHO

Vicki is a fantastic sports nutritionist. I race cars professionally and struggled to find high quality foods whilst maintaining my busy travel schedule. After just a few appointments my entire body was thanking me and I would recommend her to 10/10 people. There is no better feeling than a happy digestive tract and you will not regret the time spent with her.



Lost 50lbs

Ally C, ID

Nutritionist Boise, IDAHO

Vicki has been absolutely wonderful! I have lost 50 lbs on her program and I really couldn't have done it without her. I have recommended her to all my family and friends. I seriously can't say anything bad about her. She is so supportive and always willing to help you and answer any questions you have. Vicki is absolutely the best!!

Results on and off the scales

Lola B, CA

Extensive and thorough - seeing results!

Amy S, WA

My daughter had put on weight and needed to lose this for health reasons - inspiring a teenager to lose weight effectively is not an easy task but Vicki has been fantastic. She clearly explains everything - and why you need to cut certain foods from your diet and add others in - her meal plans are quite easy to adhere to and work into a family menu - the teenager was very happy to see she could enjoy snacks between meals. Four weeks into the plan and we can see the results not only both on and off the scales but my daughter feels healthier and has more energy which inspires her to maintain her new healthy eating and exercise program. 

I would recommend Vicki highly to anyone who not only is looking to lose some weight but also just to get into to a healthier and more nutritious way of eating.

I just started to work with Vicki .. 1 week in and seeing results. Vicki is super. Her resources and suggestions are extensive and thorough. She is very responsive and has a friendly demeanor. Looking forward to working with her on my journey.

Extremely happy with results

Geoff D , CA

Nutritionist Los Angeles

I have been working with Vicki for nearly five weeks and I have noticed significant loses in many areas. I am extremely happy with the results of her plan and where we are going in the future.

Great progress in 1 month!

Bryanna S , WA

She has been so amazing to work with! She obviously is well educated and is always ready and available to answer any questions I have! I have made great progress with her already within a months time and am excited to see what happens over the next two months!

Vicki paid attention to my body's sign's and symptoms

Ana Y , ID

Vicki is very knowledgeable in her trade and an absolute pleasure to work with. I decided to ask for her help because the strategies that worked for me in the past as far as achieving health, were no longer leading anywhere. Vicki paid attention to all the signs and symptoms that my body was presenting and was able to successfully advise me in what I needed to do with nutrition, supplementation and general habits to get on a path to well being. I still have work to do, but in 4 weeks I have lost weight and inches, I am sleeping better, don't have cravings and I have a lot more energy than I did before. I am sure that I will be able to reach my goals with her help!

I Dropped 4% bodyfat in 1 month!

Todd F, WA

My experience with Vicki has made such a positive impact on my life. This is not a diet. This is learning how to really eat right. It can set you up for life if you are motivated to change. I was nervous about the program, but it is not difficult. You have to unlearn bad habits. Vicki is with you every step of the way. Her program goes beyond foods. She has tools to help you with stress relief, too. I would recommend hiring her to help you. My results have been terrific, losing over 11 pounds in my first month and dropping my body fat by over 4%.

Losing weight with no exercise - just diet!

Richa G, MI

I was introduced to Vicki through one of my friends. I was reluctant to call Vicki but now I am really happy about my decision to call her as I am getting full guidance from Vicki and working towards my goal. Lost 9lbs in a month just with diet. No time to go to gym. Vicki is very punctual and provides quick response each and every time. I really like the way she handles my situation and would definitely recommend her if you are looking to shed some pounds in a healthy and realistic way!!

Vicki motivates me to eat healthy!

Sam R , CA

Initially I thought ‘do I need someone to tell me how to eat healthy?’ The answer was an absolute Yes. After seeing Vicki for the last 4 week I can say I have never felt better. I’ve lost fat, gained muscle, feel alert and clear headed the whole day and wake in the mornings feeling energised and ready to go. Vicki’s programme, her professionalism and her knowledge has been incredible. I went to Vicki thinking I needed to lose a few kilos but I achieved so much more. The biggest gift you can give yourself is your health, let Vicki help you achieve this, I’m so glad I did.

I wish I had found Vicki year's ago!!

Amanda N, CA

Vicki is incredible to work with. I am so grateful I found her! i Wish I had found her years ago. I feel great and have seen huge results that I couldn't achieve on my own, and it has only been a month. What I like most about working with Vicki is she is so knowledgeable about the body, nutrition, and health, and she always explains the why.

Vicki helped cure my bad eating habits!

Adrienne F CA

I loved working with Vicki, she's amazing and has a wealth of nutritional knowledge. She is helps you to understand your motivations for how you eat and develop actionable plans toward a more healthy way of living. I love her holistic approach to nutrition.

Losing consistently every week

Judy M, NV

I've been working with Vicki for about 6 weeks and am very pleased with my progress so far. I've been losing consistently every week. I feel better than I have for quite a while. Vicki has been great about answering any question I have. Highly recommended!

Permanent Lifestyle change

Michelle D , CA

Nutritionist Los Angeles

Everything! We have really benefited from Vicki's knowledge. We have a new lifestyle change that will be permanent and feel so much better! That is even greater than the weight and inches loss we have experienced, which has been significant.

Confident moving forward

Maggie D, GA

Wonderful experience all around! Vicki has really given me the tools to feel confident towards achieving my goals. Very responsive and helpful. Would recommend her to anyone!

Physician success story

Ozita C , GA

I am a physician who need someone to walk with me to better Health my life has changed so much I enjoy my diet and it is working for me . I’m feel empowered to make great decisions in regards to my nutrition. Vickie’s personal touch and program is amazing ... I want to continue my work with her over the years ... I want the 10 year plan. When I see a good thing I want to hang on to it ...better Health 😎

Free Nutrition assessment

This free consultation is 30 mins and will run through the following;

  • Find out more about what Vicki offer's and conduct a nutrition assessment for a baseline.

  • Explanation of why and how your body is responding as it is and the hormonal interplay.

  • How we will address these sub-optimal issues.

  • How Vicki's customized, handcrafted eating plans work and what is involved.

  • Run through program structure and pricing.

  • This appointment is completely FREE and at no obligation.



The weight loss testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted. Results may vary depending on, but not limited to, the individuals medical condition, biochemistry, active participation in the program, lifestyle, or if taking hormones or pharmaceutical medication. Every testimonial on this website is from a real customer of Vicki Witt who used the program, and/or nutrition advice referred to on the website. No one was paid for a testimonial or endorsement.

Stretching Class
Profoundly Greatful For Vicki's Guidance!!

Bert S from MA, USA

It would be impossible to shout too loudly my praise for Vicki Witt! I am profoundly grateful for her guidance and support, and the extremely positive changes that she brought about for me! My life will be forever enriched because of her!Vicki's expansive knowledge of nutrition and holistic wellbeing, as well as her genuine and enthusiastic support, is a treasure that would be the greatest good fortune in anyone's life. She has truly inspired me, and guided me to a much better and healthier place.I am 63 years old, and after months of working on my own to get healthier and lose weight, had managed to drop 15 pounds. At this point I seemed stuck.


I weighed 190, and had a Body Age measured at 65 (two years older than I actually was).Then I found Vicki. Over the course of six months, she helped me to lose 42 pounds more, and to achieve a body age measured at just 43! So, in an amazing six-month period, I fully realized my ideal weight, and a "biological age" measured at 20 years younger than my actual age!As fantastic as all this is, the greatest result is that Vicki taught me everything I need to continue in this tremendously improved health, and inspired me to an absolute confidence that I will do just that.With the greatest sincerity and gratitude, Vicki, I offer you my deepest thanks.

Vicki Witt

Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Coach, Certified LEAP allergy therapist, Reiki Master

BS (Nutr & Food Sci) PG Dip Clin Nutr RNutr

Proud to service all USA and AUS states.

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