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How did Chaz Bono lose weight?

Chaz Bono struggled with his weight for many years, having some success, but then gaining it back. It wasn’t until after he completed his female to male gender transition in 2010 that he felt comfortable in his body and able to focus on weight loss.

Chaz Bono Weight Loss

Chaz is the son of Sony and Cher Bono. He is an American actor, author and LGBTQ+ advocate. He was born in 1969 as Chastity and was thrust into the limelight and his parents pushed him towards an unrealistic body size from a young age. As a teenager he was often put on a diet, despite not being overweight. It’s not hard to imagine that he developed issues with his weight.

How much weight did Chaz Bono lose?

Chaz started his weight loss journey in 2012 with a goal of losing at least 50 lbs. Chaz started at 250 lbs, and 5ft 1.5 inches. He was able to lose over 60 lbs. This took him approximately 6 months.

How did Chaz Bono lose the weight?

Bono focused on his diet and exercise to lose the weight. He didn’t go on a diet but used a meal delivery service. He eliminated grains and starches, focusing on eating meats, vegetables and fruit.

Chaz had appeared on dancing with the stars and realized that he loved dancing so dancing became a focus for exercise. He also added martial arts training to his routine.

As of 2021 Bono had maintained his weight loss so he appears to have found what works for him.

Holistic Weight Loss

Vicki’s take

Bono did many things right when he decided to lose weight. Despite often being put on a diet as a teenager, he avoided that and changed his eating habits instead.

As a transgender male, the extra testosterone would’ve made weight loss easier than it had been when he was in a female body. Since hormones are such a big part of the gender transition, the weight loss plan for a transgender individual needs to take hormones into consideration.

Eliminating grains and starches is an important part of weight loss for many people as it helps to balance hormones and reduce blood sugar swings. Bono should be careful with his fruit intake and try to stick to low sugar and starch fruits which don’t cause blood sugar swings.

The use of a meal planning and delivery service can help with weight loss in the short term because it takes the guesswork out of what to eat, but this is not likely something that works for most people long term. Most people without the means of a celebrity will need to learn how to properly plan, shop and prepare meals that work for them.

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Hormone Balance Weight Loss

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