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Succeed On Vicki's Eating Plans

Have you tried other diets before and failed? Why Vicki Witt’s custom eating plans will have you finally succeeding!

Other diets too restrictive?

  • It is important to keep starch and sugars out whilst in the weight loss phase and these both stimulate insulin that in turn causes fat storing and water retention as well as cravings. 

  • You can however include great swaps and ensure the foods that fit your lifestyle and tastebuds.

  • We design a plan together that suits all your needs. 


What Clients Say

"Ms Vicki was ABSOLUTELY awesome!!! She took the time, not only to develop a personalized program for me, but she also educated me so I understood how certain foods were good or not good for my body. Her plan was comprehensive and encompassed not only food but also sleep stress, and hormonal balancing! I can't explain what a great experience it was having Ms Vicki help me to reach my goals. As I move through different phases in my life, I'll be contacting her again and finding out what's healthy for my body at this new stage! I wouldn't trust my health to anyone else!

Thanks Ms Vicki Witt!!!"

Nina H, CA

What Clients Say

 "I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I have been on so many diets and nothing worked long term. I always thought I ate healthy but could never lose weight. Vicki worked with me to understand my specific body chemistry and life style and then to create a plan of eating I could use for the rest of my life. It was a journey and actually a relief to know there was an answer."

Monica S, FL

Other diets not sustainable?

  • Meal plans are very 2D and have you relying on the coach. Vicki is about teaching you HOW to do this yourself. The age old saying – ‘Teach someone to fish and they can fish forever’ – is her moto. 

  • Learning the HOW helps you to be flexible, get variety, and do anywhere, any time, any place.

Not sustainable

Have you previously had NO will power?

  • When your body chemistry is balanced, it’s not about will power any more. You will find that your body chemistry will start balancing out in as little as 3 days on your custom eating plan. You won’t even know yourself anymore. You will walk by and say no to temptations as you simply will not want them any more. A real blessing!

No will power

What Clients Say

 "In just a month working with Vicki, I have seen dramatic results (over 11 pounds down) both in my physical health and mental health. Her willingness to answer questions and friendly nature have really helped my journey. I knew that I needed help and that I couldn't do this on my own - Vicki is not only helping me make physical progress but giving me the tools to reach and maintain my goals. I cannot recommend her program enough."

Abby S, ID


Where other diets are Boring?

  • Vicki will constantly ensure you are not getting food boredom and getting the variety you need. Offering tips and easy meal solutions, you will find her approach easy and doable. 

What Clients Say

 "Towards the end of 2021, I finally decided that I want to start educating myself on nutrition to become a version I want to be proud of. After 1 month with Vicki, I can proudly say that I went from 141 pounds to 130 pounds. Vicki is patient, adaptable to your food likes/dislikes, and extremely knowledgeable on nutrition. Vicki provides you with many resources and study materials that puts the accountability on you. Book a consultation with Vicki - you won’t regret it!"

Favi, IE

No results

Did you achieve NO results on other diets?

  • You will start to huge improvements in your energy, sleep, cravings, bowels, hormones in the first few days on your plan. 

  • Fat loss will also been seen within this first week which is highly motivating and rewarding. 

  • Many diet plans leave you hungry, craving or with low energy. You can be rest assured that you will not have to suffer any of these again on Vicki’ custom eating plans. 

What Clients Say

 "Stop searching right now for a nutritionist that will actually produce results because you have found her!!! Vicki has absolutely saved my life!!! When I came to her my health was declining extremely fast and I was extremely depressed and lost. Within days of working with her I was losing weight and feeling better!!! Not only does she provide you with a meal plan but she also takes extreme pride in educating you on why your eating what you are and what it is doing inside your body!! There were several times when I messed up but she NEVER judged me! She always greeted me with a smile, and a plan for getting back on track! She has became such an important part of my life that I honestly can't see myself ever not working with her! She is worth every penny because now my labs at the doctor are picture perfect and they have NEVER been like that before Vicki! Trust me, if you are in desperate need of help, she can provide that to you and so much more! Your life is priceless, so make this one count and make every attempt to be here as long as you can with her! You will NOT regret it!!! This I can 100% GUARANTEE!!!"

Jake B, VA

What Clients Say

 "I have really enjoyed and benefited from working and/or participating with Vicki Witt Weight Loss and Nutrition California Program. Ms. Witt provides essential tools to promote weight loss and emotional/social balance. I've had great results and continue to press foward to have even greater results. She is definitely the truth as far as making others feel better inside and out."

LaKeisha S, GA

Do you need accountability? Top notch support 

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