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Energy Healing - what your chakra's are telling you


Our ability to function at full potential is effected by trauma, emotional and mental stress, environment stress, physical distress, false belief systems, and other blocks to our personal growth that can be stored in the energy fields of our bodies.


Facilitating the healing process, energy healing clears blocks in the energy fields, repairing and rebalancing the energy so that the body can move to optimal balance to access its inherent ability to heal itself.


Energetic healing can also help identify “issues” before they manifest as pain or similar distortions in the physical body. Our consciousness is opened to the areas we need to work through and heal in order to bring our lives into balance and maintain health, harmony and vitality.


More well known therapies categorised as “energetic healing” include:

  • Reiki

  • Reflexology

  • Kinesiology

  • Thought Field Therapy 

  • Acupuncture


Energetic healing takes a holistic approach that looks beyond the physical to manipulating the subtle energy systems (meridians, auric bodies, chakras, nadis) where the cause of the dis-ease can be located.


What is energy & how is it connected to ill-health?

Quantum physics has acknowledged that we are all made up of energy, as is everything around us. It is the most basic building block of life, but like the air we breathe most people can’t see it. Energy flows through everything and creates everything. Even our thoughts and emotions are energy. It is just a difference in the vibrational frequency of energy that gives us the illusion of substance and separation, rather like water moving from solid ice at slower vibration, to fluids and then to steam at higher vibrations.


When our energy flow is disturbed or blocked, through internal and external factors, our delicate balance is thrown out and we can become sick or feel “not quite right”. 


Internal factors impacting our energy system include:

  • trauma

  • phobias

  • anxiety & stress

  • childhood programming

  • limiting beliefs

  • neurological, biochemical, and structural imbalances

  • existential fears and limiting spiritual beliefs

  • remaining in situatinos that are not fulfilling or in harmony with our needs. 


External factors impacting our energy systems include:

  • environmental stresses & toxins

  • geopathic phenomena

  • astrological phenomena

  • nutrition

  • exercise

  • posture


Genetic, social and cultural aspects contribute to our programming which, over the years, collect and dictate the way we use our energy. We hold the information in our subtle energy systems and it determines how the energy moves through our chakras. The pictures or programs will remain there until such time as we start to realise that we create our experiences with the beliefs we hold – good and bad.


The energy systems of the body (aura, chakras, nadis and meridians) are connected energetically to our physical organs, glands and bodily systems. When the energy supplied to these bodily systems is disrupted, the body organs and systems are less able to defend against disease and injury.


In the same way, the health of our energy systems also determines our mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. If our energy systems are disrupted or blocked we are less able to cope, we feel stressed, which in turn has a negative impact on our physical systems. Over a prolonged period this leads to ill health. If our energy systems are clear and balanced we will be in a stronger position to deal with situations and circumstances that might otherwise be perceived as a stress.


By working with the energy system we can access all levels of the mind, body and spirit and achieve a holistic healing. Knowing the connections and energy relationships means the nature of the disease and its location can guide us to where an energy block or imbalance is occurring, as well as what we need to do energetically to clear that block.


Disease is our body’s mechanism of telling us that something is not working in our lives and our energy is not flowing harmoniously. If we don’t pay attention to the initial messages, the warnings will become increasingly severe until we are forced to take notice. Once we are aware of this “law”, we can regard illness as a warning sign to change something in our lives and make appropriate changes necessary to heal.


Energy is within and around us all the time, but our consciousness enables us to activate it and make it vital. Just because we can’t see something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We can’t see air, but we know we breathe it to keep us alive. We also can’t see electricity, atoms, electromagnetic fields, sound, radio waves or the weather, yet we can see or hear the indirect results of these in physcial form.



Warm wishes,

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Vicki Witt | Clinical Nutritionist | Holistic Coach | Reiki Master | Certified LEAP allergy therapist

Over 25 years of successfully helping you achieve optimal health and weight loss  |

About Vicki:

Vicki Witt is a Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Health Coach, and Reiki Master. She has been practicing over 25 years and specializes in holistically customizing diet and lifestyle plans to each individual for weight loss and hormonal control. Her clientele often report they feel the best they have ever felt and wish they had started sooner. One of the USA and Australia's top Nutritionists, she has won multiple awards for her services in the industry.


Certified and Registered Nutritionist

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