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Which Hormone is Keeping you Fat? 

Heavy Metals Can Make You Feel Old

It starts gradually. You feel weak and tired. You start to experience muscle and joint pain. Maybe the occasional headache, or constipation. 

You’re just getting old and this is normal. Right?

Maybe not. These could be symptoms of chronic heavy metal exposure.

What is chronic heavy metal exposure?

Acute heavy metal exposure is rare. The symptoms include confusion, numbness, nausea or vomiting and even going into a coma. This can happen when a large amount of heavy metals like arsenic or lead are ingested. These can appear rapidly or may not show up for weeks after exposure. 

Chronic heavy metal exposure happens over time. It can happen when you are constantly exposed to low levels of heavy metals over time. These heavy metals may come from:

• industrial exposure

• pollution

• seafood

• medicine

• food containers

• cookware

• lead based paints

• pesticides and herbicides

How is it detected?

If you or your physician suspects heavy metal exposure, the tests will depend on your specific symptoms and what you might’ve been exposed to.  Testing can be done through blood or urine tests. Or your physician may want to look at liver and kidney function.

What are the long term effects of heavy metal exposure?

Some of the early symptoms may not seem like anything to worry about but long term exposure can lead to neurological damage or cancer. 

What can you do?

There are several ways that you can reduce your exposure to heavy metals. Unfortunately without moving you may not be able to avoid heavy metals in your area due to pollution or pesticide and herbicide use.

• choose seafood from a reputable source and pay attention to advisories for high mercury levels in your seafood

• check local pollution forecasts before heading outside

• Use an air purifier to keep indoor air quality high

• remove household sources such as lead based paints, food containers and cookwear that contains heavy metals

• choose heavy metal detoxing foods

How I can help?

If you’re having a hard time processing heavy metals and toxins, you’ll find it hard to lose body fat. I can help you choose foods and make lifestyle choices that will help you to reduce the effects of heavy metal poisoning and help you lose fat.  

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