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Gluten in bread
Upset Stomach

Which Hormone is Keeping you Fat? 

Are We Oversensitive to Gluten?

Many people report that when holidaying in Europe they can enjoy baguettes and pizza with no issue, but they return home to the US and find that a single slice of bread causes distress. What is going on here?

What is gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in several, but not all grains. Wheat has the highest gluten content 

What is gluten sensitivity?

People with celiac disease cannot have gluten in their diets because it triggers an autoimmune response. Many other people have non celiac gluten sensitivity. This is a condition where gluten is not broken down properly in the intestines which causes gastrointestinal irritation.

Gluten sensitivity can lead to gas, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation. It can also lead to weight gain and vitamin deficiencies because your body does not absorb vitamins properly. 

Processing may be the reason

Many changes have occurred in the processing of grains and the baking of bread that have made gluten more of an issue. These changes have been made to extend shelf life, increase the yield of crops and make the baking process more consistent for mass produced bread. 

Some of these changes include:

• using ungerminated grains which makes the gluten less digestible

• beneficial compounds are removed during the refining processing of the grain.

• Processing results in a higher gluten percentage because of the removal of other parts of the grain

• More use of fat, sugar and salt which are inflammatory and can increase gluten sensitivity over time. 

• Use of higher kneading intensities

• More use of baking powder for baked goods

• Addition of gluten to bread to make the rise higher and more consistent

Use of herbicides

There has been an increased use of the herbicide glyphosate (Roundup) in the last 15 years.  Not only does this herbicide kill a broad spectrum of weeds, it also can do damage to gut bacteria. 

Are FODMAPs the problem?

When people believe they have a gluten sensitivity they usually avoid grains. But a gluten free diet is also lower in FODMAPs (fermentable oligo-,di-, monosaccharides and polyols).  FODMAPs contain a carbohydrate that causes similar digestive distress to gluten in some people. Many people are sensitive to FODMAPs and this sensitivity s often mistaken for gluten sensitivity. 

What can you do?

Try to include mostly whole foods in your diet. Processed foods often contain gluten even when not expected. Many gluten free food products are highly processed so they can pose other health risks. Reducing or eliminating grains from your diet has several health benefits. 

How can I help?

I can help you with customized nutrition plans that will make sure that your food sensitivities are addressed and help to boost fat loss. I don’t take a one size fits all approach. 

Book a free nutrition assessment to find out more.

Warm wishes,

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Vicki Witt | Clinical Nutritionist | Holistic Coach | Reiki Master | Certified LEAP allergy therapist

Over 25 years of successfully helping you achieve optimal health and weight loss  |

About Vicki:

Vicki Witt is a Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Health Coach, and Reiki Master. She has been practicing over 25 years and specializes in holistically customizing diet and lifestyle plans to each individual for weight loss and hormonal control. Her clientele often report they feel the best they have ever felt and wish they had started sooner. One of the USA and Australia's top Nutritionists, she has won multiple awards for her services in the industry.


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