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Which Hormone is Keeping you Fat? 

Alcohol - How to celebrate without blowing out your weight


You’ve probably enjoyed many celebrations with family and friends. And enjoyed indulging in a few alcoholic beverages. But if you are trying to lose weight those alcoholic beverages can really wreck things.

What’s the problem with alcohol when you are trying to lose weight?

There are several problems with consuming too much alcohol when you are trying to lose weight.

• Alcohol is high in calories without being filling

• It can lower inhibitions, which can cause you to eat more

• Your hormones and blood sugar balance are affected when you consume alcohol

Celebrations are special

But celebrations are special and deserve a bit of leeway. And the good news is that you can celebrate without ruining your weight loss efforts. Here are some ideas.

Choose a wine spritzer

A wine spriter is made by combining wine (usually white) with carbonated water. It’s usually served cold over ice. This drink will help to keep you hydrated on a hot day and the added sparkles make it seem more special. It’s lower alcohol and sugar concentration make it a safer bet when you are trying to lose weight.

The downside is that this drink goes down so easily that you might be tempted to have more than you should.

Maybe a vodka soda or hard seltzer

Vodka soda is similar to a wine spritzer. It’s a mix of vodka and club soda. You can add bit of flavour with mint leaves, or a splash of lemon or lime juice. 

If you’re choosing a premade a hard seltzer in a can, check the label for artificial sweeteners. These are not your best choice for several reasons.  Some good choices include White Claw and Truly.

Light beer

If beer is your drink of choice you might want to opt for a light beer. Be careful though. Light can mean different things, though. Not all light beers are reduced in alcohol content. Some just have fewer calories or a light colour or light taste. Read the label to be sure it’s what you are looking for. Low carb beers are good choices. These include:

- Michelob Ultra

- Corona Premier

- Miller 64

- Busch Light

- Beck Premium Light


Red wine

You’ve probably heard that white wine is a better choice than red because it has fewer calories. That does depend on the sweetness of the wine and the alcohol content.  The thing I like most about red wine, is that it is served at (close to) room temperature. So you don’t feel the need to drink it quickly before it warms up. So you can nurse a glass of red wine the entire night and always have a drink in your hand ready for a toast.

Choose a lower alcohol content red if you can. 


Be sure to drink lots of water, especially if you are outside. This will help to keep you hydrated and give you a break between alcoholic drinks. You can start the night with a glass of water before adding anything else. 

Or sparkling water

Sparkling water is a good choice when celebrating. Like plain water, it keeps you hydrated but it feels more like a drink.

What to do?

Remember that what makes a celebration special is that it doesn't happen all the time. Things like weddings, birthday parties and anniversaries are a cause to celebrate. Just because it’s the weekend is probably not a reason to celebrate.

How I can help.

Making the healthiest choices while still being able to enjoy life's celebrations is a difficult balancing act.  I can help you with a nutrition plan that works for you, whatever the timing. 

Book a free nutrition assessment to find out more.