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Which Hormone is Keeping you Fat? 

The sun’s healing frequency


Often the tendency is to avoid UV radiation from the sun because of the risk of skin cancer. But there are many benefits to that UV radiation. The sun’s benefits go beyond providing vitamin D and include the benefits from the light alone. 


Heliotherapy generally refers to treatment by sunlight, but it can also include treatment with artificial sources of ultraviolet, visible or infrared radiation. 

Heliotherapy is an ancient practice but was revived in the last century when it was found that UV radiation could treat a number of conditions.

What conditions does UV radiation help with?

Skin conditions 

UV radiation is used to treat psoriasis, acne, eczema and other skin problems. 

Seasonal affective disorder

Artificial UV light is used to treat the seasonal depression that many people get in the short, cold winter months. 

Treatment of wounds

Sunlight was found to cure wounds of soldiers during World war I. 

AIDS treatment

Heliotherapy is being used to boost the immune system in AIDS patients. 

Jet lag

Heliotherapy helps to reset your internal clock more quickly when you suffer from jet lag. Artificial light therapy can be used when you can’t be outside after arriving. 

Balance circadian rhythms

Sunlight is the best way to balance your circadian rhythms. If you are having trouble sleeping or are waking up too late, you might need to balance your circadian rhythms.

What can you do

Spending time in the sun every day is important for overall wellbeing. If you suffer from any of the conditions listed, then check with your physician to see if light therapy is an option. 

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