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Your take-out coffee cup may be messing with your hormones


You are probably aware that BPA in plastics is harmful, but you might not be aware of the issues that your take out coffee cup presents. 

Polystyrene resin (commonly referred to by the brand styrofoam which is not used in the food industry) is popular for take out containers and take out coffee cups because of it’s insulating abilities. 

A recent study found that polystyrene releases chemicals that mimic estrogen, especially when heated, like with hot coffee. It also looked at Tritan a new type of plastic used to replace BPA and found similar effects.

So unfortunately it’s not just take-out containers. Many common plastic multi use food and drink containers contain this type of plastic. In fact this chemical may be more of a hormone disruptor than BPA. Exposure to heat or UV rays makes it even more likely that this will leach into your food and drinks.

What does this mean

Estrogen mimicking chemicals are harmful even at low doses. Some of the issues include:

  • asthma

  • cancer

  • infertility

  • low sperm count

  • heart disease

  • ADHD

  • excess belly fat 

  • weight gain

  • And if you have levels of these chemicals in your body when pregnant, your fetus will be exposed to these leading to problems later in life.

What can you do

Unfortunately simply choosing BPA free plastic isn't enough because the chemicals that replace BPA can be worse. And not enough testing is done in this area to make sure the plastics are safe.

Glass and stainless steel containers are a better choice than polystyrene take out containers or plastic water bottles and reusable containers. Keep your stainless steel coffee cup ready to be filled when getting your take out coffee. 

How I can help

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