What Supplements should I take? A quick overview.



I have many people ask me, "If I'm not eating dairy, where do I get my Calcium?". The fact of the matter is that the calcium in milk and dairy products is rouge calcium and more likely to block your arteries, and cause kidney and gall stones. You should absorb plenty from your food through dark leafy green vegetables (eg. kale, collard greens, bok choy), broccoli, edamame, oranges, sardines, canned salmon (be sure to buy a now mercury brand), white beans, okra, tofu, and almonds.


If you're need is higher due to osteoporosis risk, the best form of Calcium is Calcium citrate malate. It is found in this form in plants and not bad for your heart. 



Magnesium is an extremely important minerals used in the body for just about every process but it is quite deficient in the food supply due to the soils being depleted and the use of fertilizers. Even organic produce uses fertilizer that wash away magnesium. Boost your body's magnesium by eating more dark leafy green vegetables, nuts and seeds (eg. Brazil nuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds), fish, beans (eg. soy/edamame, black, kidney, white, chickpea, black-eyed, and lentils), avocado, and dark chocolate.


If wanting a supplement to get an extra boost for sleep, cravings, headaches, or muslce aches try Magnesium bigycinate chelate. 





Unfortunately the sun doesn't cut it for Vitamin D. Recent studies show surfer's in Hawaii in the sun for up to 11 hours a day had low D levels. Not ideal huh. So its important to take a D3 supplement through the whole year. Natural sources are fatty fish like herring and salmon, egg yolks.





You don't need the Omega 3-6-9 combo's. We get plenty of 6's and 9's in our day to day diet. Omega 3's in the form of EPA and DHA are the most important to add. 





A lot of research shows Selenium is cancer-protective, good for the thyroid and helps detox the body. The best form is selenium glycinate as it us well absorbed. Other forms are hit and miss.  Try adding these foods to add more selenium into you diet - Brazil nuts, Chia seeds, Seeds (eg sunflower, sesame, flax), broccoli, cabbage and spinach. 



Needed for more than 300 processes in the body, zinc is a power house that is often insufficient in most people. Supplement with zinc glycinate chelate. Also add the following foods to your diet to boost zinc intake - eggs, meats, sesame and pumpkin seeds, peanuts and lamb. 



There is no need to take iron unless you are deficient. It will prevent you from absorbing zinc, calcium and selenium. Try to buy a multi vit/min formula without iron.