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Which Hormone is Keeping you Fat?   

It only takes one hormone to prevent weight loss! 


Why Exercise Isn't the Answer To Weight Loss

Exercise has many health benefits. It helps to improve cardiovascular health, bone density and hormone balance. However if weight loss is your goal, exercise should not be your first step in improving your lifestyle.

healthy eating is ore effective for weight loss than exercise

Why exercise doesn’t help as much as you think

You’ve decided you need to lose weight so your first step might be to get a gym membership and start exercising. But after a few weeks or longer you’re not seeing results. In fact, your weight may have even gone up. What’s going on? Here are a few of the reasons why exercise isn't effective:

  • You likely consume more calories if you exercise. This can be because you are hungry or because you think you “deserve it”

  • If exercise is too intense cortisol levels spike which can make it hard to lose body fat and lead to increased belly fat

  • Most people overestimate the calories burned during exercise and can easily get frustrated by the lack of results. 

  • Exercise becomes framed as a negative thing and a struggle if it focuses on weight loss. If you are exercising because you overindulged it becomes a form of punishment.

  • Controlling insulin output is a key factor in losing fat. Exercise can do this but only when you exercise. Diet controls this continuously.

  • Your body becomes accustomed to the exercise and your metabolism doesn’t get the boost needed

  • It takes a lot of time. Exercising enough to make a difference with your weight takes hours every week. This can mean that you have less time to focus on making changes to your diet and cooking healthy meals.

  • If you start off too quickly with exercise or try to do the things you could when you were younger, you run the risk of injury. This setback can lead to you giving up.

Why exercise doesn't help with weight loss

Focus on your diet first

So if exercise isn’t the key, what is the first step of weight loss? Focusing on your diet. There are several reasons why focusing on your diet first is important:

  • Your time can be better spent by improving your diet - searching for healthy recipes and planning and preparing healthy meals.

  • Taking things one step at a time is important when making big changes. Changing your diet should be the first step since it will have the biggest impact.

  • You won’t be trying to do too much at once and overwhelming yourself with everything

  • A healthy diet is needed to get the most out of exercise. For example, strength training won’t help build muscle if your diet doesn’t contain enough protein. Or you won’t have the energy to exercise if you are not getting the right balance of carbohydrates.

  • A diet that is designed to balance your hormones is important before you start to exercise. Exercise can put a lot of demands on your system which may not be ready for it.

why you should focus on your diet first

What you can do

If you are trying to lose weight without exercise here are some areas to focus on:

  • Eat slowly and mindfully. This allows you to tune into your body’s hunger signals better. It can also help you tune into your body in general so when you start exercise you’ll be more tuned in.

  • Practice portion control. Use a plate that allows you to measure portions so you’re not overeating.

  • Eat more protein. A diet that is higher in protein can help you stay full longer and you’re likely to lose more weight than with a lower protein diet.

  • Prepare your meals at home. It is so easy to overeat when you eat out. 

  • Eat less processed food. Processed food is often full of sugar and refined carbohydrates  and is designed to keep you eating.

  • Drink more water. Water can help you lose weight in many different ways (link to water blog post)

  • Get professional help (book a free nutrition assessment)

weight loss tips

Where exercise does help

Exercise can be an important part of a weight loss plan if approached correctly and at the right time. Exercise helps with weight maintenance once you’ve reached your goal. It can help to balance hormones and control blood sugar. Exercise can also be a good way to relieve stress. When you’ve decided it’s appropriate to add exercise to your plan, start with stress busting exercises like walking or gentle yoga.

Hormone guide

I can help

If you are looking for support with weight loss I can help. I create personalized eating plans that take a holistic approach so you’ll get the results you’re looking for. 

Book a free nutrition assessment to find out more.

Warm wishes,

Vicki Witt Nutrition and Weight Loss

Vicki Witt | Clinical Nutritionist | Holistic Coach | Reiki Master | Certified LEAP allergy therapist Over 25 years of successfully helping you achieve optimal health and weight loss 🍏|

About Vicki:

Vicki Witt is a Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Health Coach, and Reiki Master. She has been practicing over 25 years and specializes in holistically customizing diet and lifestyle plans to each individual for weight loss and hormonal control. Her clientele often report they feel the best they have ever felt and wish they had started sooner. One of the USA and Australia's top Nutritionists, she has won multiple awards for her services in the industry.


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